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Why Women Get More Arthritis Than Men

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Knee problems affect both men and women. Athletics, aging, injury, and posture all contribute to knee pain. However, women are more likely to experience knee problems-no matter how active or inactive they are. One of the most traumatic injuries to the knee is tearing the anterior cruciate ligament ACL. This ligament stabilizes the knee, prevent the connecting bones in the knee joint from sliding forward or twisting too much.

Females are eight times more likely to tear the ACL, which often requires surgery and several months of physical therapy to rehabilitate. Why are women more at risk?

Women generally have wider hips than men. Your hips are the starting place for the alignment of the rest of your leg. Where men have a generally straight leg alignment from hip to knee, women have an angled alignment, which places greater stress on the joint. Also, active women tend to overdevelop the large quadriceps muscles while under-developing the hamstrings, creating a power imbalance. The hamstrings work in opposition to the quadriceps, relaxing the stress on the ACL.

During activities like running, jumping, or quickly coming to a stop, this imbalance increases stress on the ACL. The final source of increased risk comes from hormonal differences. Women experience hormone cycles that affect the flexibility of muscles and ligaments. An extreme example is that when a women is pregnant, the hormone relaxin can loosen the ligaments in your body, decreasing the tight stability that normally exists in the knee. Knee injuries are not the only knee problem more common in women.

Women are also more likely to develop osteoarthritis, most frequently in the knees and hands. There are several factors that lead to the development of arthritis, including:. Now that you are aware of the risk factors and biological predisposition for knee problems, you can:. You can work to prevent knee pain and injury. Published On. Increased Arthritis Risk Knee injuries are not the only knee problem more common in women. There are several factors that lead to the development of arthritis, including: Genetics.

Women who have a family history of arthritis are more likely to get it themselves. Hormone changes. Periods, pregnancy, and menopause increase the chances of arthritis. More women are overweight and obese than men, so the rates of arthritis naturally remain higher in female populations. Knee injuries. The same factors that increase your chances of ACL injury also increase your chance of arthritis, since injured knees themselves present a greater risk.

Arthritis can affect adult women of almost any age, but it is more common as people age. Now that you are aware of the risk factors and biological predisposition for knee problems, you can: Play safely. ACL injuries can occur with careless movement during any activity, but they are especially common in sports like soccer, basketball, and running, when players twist or stop too suddenly.

When jumping or running, never land on a fully extended leg without bending your knees to reduce the stopping force. Train slowly. Over-training increases your chances of injury. Your muscles and ligaments need time to recover and adjust to new motions. Monitor your weight. As you age, reduce your risk of injury by choosing moderate exercise and a healthful, low-calorie diet. Strengthen your legs. Schedule an Appointment.

Get Better Now.

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Women all over America are rediscovering their knees, and many don't like what they see. For after many comforting years when the knee and often even the lower leg were shrouded in billows of fabric, short skirts are again exposing what, for some, was best left unexposed. Bony, knobby, lumpy or flabby, knees are rarely objects of beauty. Only the French could rhapsodize about them.

With the passage of Title IX in , competitive sports for girls and women in the U. In fact, from to , the number of females participating in high school sports grew from , to an estimated 3 million, an increase of almost 1, percent Lal and Hoch, ; Giugliano and Solomon, Greater participation in sports by females has also heightened awareness of the health and medical issues specific to the female athlete.

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Why do men need to see women on their knees?

But not so many, perhaps, know about the unique challenges women face regarding arthritis. Not only do women get more arthritis than men one in four compared to one in five , but women also often experience worse pain —ache in different joints — and are far more vulnerable to rheumatoid arthritis, one of the most debilitating forms of the condition. There are more than different kinds of arthritis, each with its own risk factors and symptoms. The medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis is rheumatology, though many primary care doctors and orthopedic specialists also care for patients with arthritis too. Here is some information on how the two most common types of arthritis — osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis — affect women. Rheumatoid arthritis RA is different from osteoarthritis in that the inflammation is an autoimmune reaction and unrelated to wear and tear on the joints. Three times as many women as men get RA. Also, women tend to be younger when they get RA and, as with osteoarthritis, their pain is worse.


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Knee problems affect both men and women.

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Knees: What a Woman Needs to Know

Men and women are different in a lot of ways, but one area of difference that may surprise you concerns their knees. Although female athletes at the high school and college level suffer serious knee injuries, women who play recreational volleyball or participate in step aerobics also can injure their knees, says the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons AAOS. A mother who carries her child down a flight of steps and misses the last step also can injure her knee. In short, a knee injury can happen to any woman, no matter how athletic she is.

Allyson Jackson is 31, but she walks on the knees of a senior citizen. Years of playing sports, followed by weight gain and a boxing injury, stressed her joints until they needed a surgical fix. Now, she sometimes ices her knees up to six times a day. Allyson's experience is part of a growing—and scary—trend: Osteoarthritis OA , a progressive joint disease, is increasingly striking young women, most commonly in the knees. In , just over 53, women ages 20 to 39 saw a doctor for a diagnosis of OA; 10 years later, that number skyrocketed to , Damage Inequity The dramatic rise in so-called older people's knee pain and problems in young women is due, in part, to a more even playing field.

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A woman's pelvis is wider than a man's, creating a sharper angle where the bones in the knees meet. As a result, the front of the knee joint, the thighbone and the.

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