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Meet and greet with boss

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View the transition as simply another professional challenge. Your ability to accept it, better yet, to make the most of it, will enable you to stand out. These tips can help you forge a productive and rewarding relationship with your next manager:. Make a good first impression.

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Getting to Know You: How to Start Right With a New Boss

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Your relationship with your manager can make or break your job performance and satisfaction. This is the most important way to impress your new boss—be really good at what you do.

Good leaders have a knack for sizing their new teams up within the first few weeks. They will ask around. If possible, send a resume ahead of time. Behaviors and attitudes your new boss will appreciate include enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity, initiative, and good judgment.

Behaviors that are frowned upon by a new manager: cynicism, whining, finger-pointing, skepticism, and acting like a know-it-all. Find out what your new manager expects from you and other employees in general. Be prepared to talk about what you expect from your manager in case you're asked—but only if asked. If it's not requested, that's usually not a good sign.

Be proactive, anticipate what they need to know, and provide it at the appropriate time. And be patient. If your manager doesn't seem interested in learning, that's another red flag. The best new leaders spend the first three months asking questions and listening. Try to minimize how many times you say, "We tried that before and it didn't work. Chances are, there's a reason a new manager was brought in—don't come across as part of the problem.

Maybe you are, but you can show a willingness and ability to adapt and change. Do a Google search. Look up their LinkedIn profile. Find out about their leadership style or philosophy. Ask questions about interests, hobbies, family, etc. Show an interest in getting to know them and offer information in return. Play it by ear—don't offer too much too early TMI , but be prepared to reciprocate. Assume you already have a positive and stable working relationship, and act that way. Expect that anything you say about your new boss will get back to them or end up on the company intranet front page the next day.

Be an ally. A good leader usually knows the difference between sucking up and basic courtesy and competence. Do good work and try to build a good relationship, but don't go overboard. For those of you that are self-destructive, here are some ways to get off to a bad start with your new manager:. Oh, and by the way, if you're going to follow these five ways, be sure to get the contact information for your old manager.

You may find that you're going to need a new job soon. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Full Bio Follow Linkedin. He has spoken, written, and taught on management for more than 20 years. Read The Balance's editorial policies. Assume your new manager is incompetent, evil, and untrustworthy. Make them earn your respect and trust. Keep your head down and your mouth shut.

Your new manager should learn the hard way, just like you did. Keep a low profile. Speak only when asked and offer the bare minimum amount of information. Assume your job is to help your new manager learn the ropes and assimilate to the established way of doing things. Be a role model for conformity. It'll feel like you're breaking a wild horse for a while, but hang in there, because they all come around eventually.

You know all of those grievances, grudges, and complaints you've been storing up? All of those things your previous manager wouldn't hear? Well, here's your big chance. Take the whole list with you for your very first meeting. Even better if you come in as the "spokesperson" for your team. Your manager will respect your budding leadership potential. Remember, your best chance at success and climbing the old ladder is doing everything you can to sabotage your new boss. The dumber your new manager looks, the smarter you'll look.

Don't miss an opportunity to correct or disagree with your manager publicly, or even better, behind their back. Continue Reading.

How to Deal With a New Boss

An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. While there are no bad questions, there are some that will boost your reputation better than others. For example, these six are worth asking in the first few days and weeks if you want to get ahead.

As a manager, meeting a new team for the first time can be nerve-racking. You want to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and that you establish your leadership, but you need to do this without destroying the team's culture or dynamic, or trampling on its achievements. Being too heavy handed can be disastrous, but not establishing the right degree of authority can be, too.

Naturally you want to make a great first impression. Resist that urge. Here are 9 relevant questions you could ask them early on. Normally a fresh manager takes a couple of weeks to get the lay of the land.

The Meet & Greet

Each business has its own culture and in that culture are sub-cultures in the various departments. The faster an employee can be adopted into the company norms, the better. If so, what do you find the most successful thing about them? We still do them at American Fidelity. They are a great way for new hires to make new people in other areas, get to know more about the company and get to know the HR and training employees who host the orientation, which makes them more likely to use them as resources later on. I agree Julie. Many of them said the reason they enjoyed doing it was because when they needed to ask a questions, they knew who to go to. Thanks for reading! Find out why!

New managers, here’s how to run your first team meeting

It never ceases to amaze me how weird people act when they get a new boss. They get defensive. They get paranoid. They get political.

A theory of control, equally grounded in syntax and semantics, that argues that obligatory control is achieved either through predication or through logophoric anchoring.

Either way, that first meeting as a new manager is a daunting event. What should the agenda for that first meeting with the new team be? How should you set expectations as a new manager?

Meeting your new boss for the first time? Get it right

When you get an opportunity to meet your new boss, what should you do? This question comes up frequently in my member coaching hours , so I thought I would address it in a blog. How would you feel if you were new in this job, meeting dozens if not hundreds of people, trying to learn what you need to learn as fast as possible, and trying to share your point of view in a credible way?

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Nice work! You should be excited and proud of your accomplishment. And, it is ok to be nervous. Every new leader struggles at the beginning; it takes time to get the hang of things. But, as the old saying goes, first impressions are important and you do want to make sure your first team meeting as manager leaves a positive impact on your new employees. Whether you were brought in from the outside, or you were a peer before taking a promotion to the corner office, you are now the boss.

9 Questions to Ask Your New Boss

Your relationship with your manager can make or break your job performance and satisfaction. This is the most important way to impress your new boss—be really good at what you do. Good leaders have a knack for sizing their new teams up within the first few weeks. They will ask around. If possible, send a resume ahead of time. Behaviors and attitudes your new boss will appreciate include enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity, initiative, and good judgment.

I'm just going to shower and get some emails answered before we go to the meet and greet.” “You want some breakfast?” She shook her head. “No. Not siciliaterradelsole.comy Long - - ‎Fiction.

Regardless of whether the new person is you or your new boss, you should arrange if he or she hasn't already a more formal one-on-one meeting soon after the first day on the job, being considerate of the fact that the schedule is probably pretty busy the first week. This is a great way to both demonstrate your initiative and start building this new relationship right away. Keep in mind that most new managers are feeling some stress at the change, too. You can help yourself by making clear that you can help him or her in the new position and that you're someone to rely on to get things done.

How to Handle Your First Meeting With a New Boss

Many managers say flat-out that their biggest frustration is when employees are not prepared for a one-on-one meeting. As an employee, this may be somewhat surprising to hear. Out of fear, anxiety, and a bit of dread for what the conversation was going to be like, I pushed my impending one-on-one meeting out of mind.

7 ways to prepare for an effective one-on-one meeting with your manager




Meeting Your New Team



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