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How to look for a job in kenya

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Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner in Kenya. With the sites below, you can expect to get a 0. Nevertheless, I encourage you to give these sites a try as you never know what you will come up with or what connections you can make from a simple e-mail or application. Teaching English might be an option if you are a native English speaker that is.

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Top site for job vacancies in Kenya

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Looking for a new job? Maybe even looking to establish good networks that can link you up to a job opportunity? All these are normal hustles of a Kenyan graduate in the saturated job market. For most of the companies I applied to, I had no connections. But I did discover a pretty reliable way of getting a job or at least an interview without connections.

Well, the good news is that, now you can easily get a good job without having anyone hold your hand. Go Solo Nobody ever said that to get a job you need to have a lot of people in your network or a god father to hold your hand.

In fact, the only person you need to get hired is you. Approach the employer directly and introduce yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Send them a LinkedIn invite and explain who you are and why they should want to meet you.

Are you musical? Are you eloquent? Record a clip and send if you are in production industry. This way you will have showcased your practical video production skills.

You can also include additional information that is relevant to the job position to make your CV. Employers or recruitment agencies in Kenya are easily impressed by candidates who know how to set themselves apart. Instead of doing what other candidates are doing, try something else that has never been done before.

Find out what other candidates are doing, and do whatever you must to avoid it. Show them you can do the Job The best way to show employers you are perfect for the position is to start doing the job now. Find out if there is any problem the company needs help with and make a value proposition to employers. In fact, take the upper hand in the selection process. For example, does the company need help with driving traffic to their website?

Do they want to increase their sales? Conduct some research, spend some time on it and then show employers how you can help them out. This could be anyone ranging from a neighbor or a friend. Question is are you? Thanks a lot for the tips.. God bless you. Good tips there. How about tribalism? Especially in government jobs but also some private sector jobs?

Can you give a tip on that? Click Here For Details. Phoebe February 15, at am. James January 15, at pm. Nancy Soy January 14, at pm. Kibithe Angelus January 14, at am. I am a graduate seeking employment.

You Must Break These 6 Rules If You Want To Be Employed Soon

Job hunting in Kenya is becoming harder by the day. The number of people looking for job opportunities is increasing quite fast. On the other hand, job creation seems to be stagnated if not declining. Sorry to say this, but projections show that the situation is bound to get more difficult. Despite all these, a person can still be able to get a job.

While going to a good university and acquiring a good degree course is a good starting point for your career, having the right information on where you will go to, how you will about it and specific websites that post the latest job Vacancies in Kenya is crucial for your job seeking exercise. You can imagine the current unemployment rate 10 years later. Its hence very essentials that you really equip yourself with important job seeking nuggets to ensure that you apply for jobs in Kenya that are legit and remain secure in your job search.

Have you ever thought about getting a job in Kenya? Maybe not. Getting a job in Kenya is like holding the clouds: it is almost impossible. Employers are on the lookout for candidates with relevant experience in the positions they want to fill, and the competition for the few available jobs is overwhelming.

How To Find a Job in Kenya as a Foreigner

The Alpha Group of Companies in Kenya is now hiring distributors, packagers, promoters and sales assistant to distribute and promote their products at a lucrative pay. On the job training will be Job Vacancies We Alpha Co. Sales And Marketing Representative 2. Hipora Business Solutions is conducting massive recruitment of Chefs and Bakers. Hipora Group of Companies provides a highly efficient and cost effective Turnkey Business and Security Solutions program over a short, medium and long term period which adopts the ultimate approach to Platinum group of companies is offering an innovative opportunity to the public. We are looking for people to work in the positions of: social media representatives, brand ambassadors, and customer

5 Best Successful Job Hunting Tips in Kenya

Receive by email job offers that interest you! Design and validation. Production support. Data analysis. Candidate : Post your CV.

Looking for a new job? Maybe even looking to establish good networks that can link you up to a job opportunity?

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Here is how to find a job in Nairobi fast

May be you want to finish campus, get a job and save part of the salary to get some capital so that you can venture into business. Or perhaps you want to work with the best companies in the world so that you can scale up your skills and boost your exposure. Whichever the case, here are some basic life rules that you need to break if you want to find your dream job.

Searching for a job in Nairobi can be so stressful and tiresome. Everybody would want a job that will provide enough financial stability. However, that may be so hard in Nairobi. There is no magic in finding a job in the city but below are some of the proven ways to land a job in this busy city;. Nowadays there are a number of websites established to provide job vacancies to whoever may consider finding new jobs. Websites like fuzu.

Companies in Kenya with job vacancies

In as much as there is no such thing as the perfect time to start a new job search, some timings are certainly better than others when you want to find a new job in Kenya. Depending on your specific industry, hiring tends to slow down towards the end of the year mostly due to exhaustion of budgets especially for companies operating in a calendar year. This, however, does not mean that no hiring takes place. Bearing in mind that the holiday season in Kenya makes December a very slow month, smart private companies often take advantage of the slow period to come up with strategies for the New Year. This means that by the time we are getting to January, they have already evaluated the performance of the previous year and laid down strategies to improve performance in the following year. These strategies often include increased work hence the need to fill in the gap by hiring. Many Kenyans also have a habit of making New Year resolutions which includes finding better jobs. Companies definitely kick up their recruitment in filling the positions left vacant.

The hard task of searching for a job amid scams. Mercy Adhiambo 11th Feb GMT + A graduate with Bachelors of Science in Agriculture from.


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