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How to find a vegan man

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I'm 5'8" by the way! They're all just that tall! Somehow it's just baffling Scott likes to eat plants : He'll be the first to tell you that even if something happened to me, he could never go back to eating meat. He thinks it's gross.

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I Tried to Find Love On Vegan Dating Apps

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I'm 5'8" by the way! They're all just that tall! Somehow it's just baffling Scott likes to eat plants : He'll be the first to tell you that even if something happened to me, he could never go back to eating meat. He thinks it's gross. I also know we're not alone. I get dozens of emails each week asking if a plant-based diet is suitable for men yes , men who lift weights still yes and how Scott deals with teasing or rude commentary by other men.

I shared Scott's journey and some of his experience in a previous post titled, " My Vegan Husband ," but today I'm letting other guys chime in and stay tuned for Part 2 later this week! I actually had to take the post down because there were so many responses!!! For those who were vegetarian before vegan, I combined for a total number of years — but Sean O.

I was, and still am, extremely physically active at almost 68 yrs. A friend challenged me to a day challenge at Monkey Bar Gym, which follows a whole food, plant based diet. In 60 days, I lost 17 pounds of body fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle. Seeing my body literally transform itself was amazing. Which of course includes an ethical component.

I was hoping that I would receive health benefits, which I did, but my primary reason was to follow the direction of my higher self. I grew up on a farm and saw the practices and effects first-hand. Not pretty. Have you ever toured a slaughter house? It is brutal, and the desensitizing effect on the workers is amazing.

I became a vegetarian in when my first wife was given a few months to live she had battled heart problems. I made a decision that I needed to be there for my two kids and started to eat vegetarian. My wife lost her first husband to cancer. Our whole family includes 5 kids became vegan last year after watching Forks Over Knives and Food Inc.

The breaking point was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer at age 64 and died at I knew there had to be a better way and reason why so much disease was around me. It was a wake up call to get serious about diet. I saw how quickly and easily she was dropping weight without working out of restricting calories and I wanted in! Number 2 motivation was my health. In December , I was diagnosed with colon cancer.

It was rather surprising considering that I was only It didn't take long for me to learn about the ethical realities of consuming and the overarching global sustainability issues of factory farming and excessive meat consumption.

Since high cholesterol and diabetes are "family traits", I decided that I wanted to lower my odds of contracting a degenerative illness. And the whole cancer thing is just flat-out unappealing.

Offer to bring food if the occasion is at someone's house. Only 1 of my guy friends is plant based. The others do tease at times. I just try and ignore it. Sometimes I throw in a plant based fact or explain why it is not logical or fair to eat animals and destroy the environment, but I try my best not to push my views on others.

Most of them love that I make delicious plant based food many Happy Herbivore recipes and can't wait to try something new. When going out, I try to plan ahead by looking at menus to see what options are going to be available for me. When I first went vegan, I took a lot of heat about it, but my comeback was, 'I just gave up meat and dairy, not alcohol!

They order wings, and I eat the celery or order a veggie burger. I will usually eat prior to a function if I don't know what the menu is. I put others before myself, selfless. I won't raise the issue, but often if someone is complaining about health, or discussing eating, and I feel it is appropriate to enter the conversation, I speak the truth. Or if I am eating, it ends up being a side dish rather than an entree. Sometimes a conversation starts up about why I'm not eating and it comes out that I'm vegan.

More often than not, the other party feels guilty or apologetic that I'm not able to order anything. I'm also a non-drinker and I have gotten crap for that far more often than I've ever heard anyone say anything about my veganism.

HH: Have you received any teasing or flack from other men? If so, how did you handle it? It's pretty sweet. I'm 50, and my body looks I have co-workers, both male and female, who constantly tease me for not being a 'real man' for not eating meat. In these instances I do my best to diffuse the situation and explain that what I eat works for me. Rather than rock the boat, I smiled and continued cooking my kale. I see someone eating a hamburger and wonder if they know where the meat came from, what it is doing to their body, if they even taste anything or are just eating it because it is what is 'normal' etc Most of my wardrobe is Carhartt carpenter pants and Dickies work shirts.

At 6 feet tall and over lbs. But, I don't own a car, can't drive stick, and shave my legs and wear lycra and ride a road racing bicycle, so 'manly' isn't really important to me.

Over the years I've worked with some 'manly' men who wanted to rattle my cage by poking at my dietary choices. I usually just ignored them and they got bored and got over it.

Honestly though, most of my closest male friends are also vegan. I'm sure this is a real exception, but coming up from a punk rock background, I've got a lot of very tattooed, very athletic guy friends who are fully on board with the lifestyle. I think we break up some of the stereotypes people have about vegans. I just point out that I know my body better than anyone.

And a plant-based diet has been working very well for me. I'm 57 and in great health. He greeted us this way, 'Hello men. Hello vegan. They are convinced that one of these days they will make me an offer I won't refuse. I've been asked if I am 'turning fag,' if I am becoming a hippie. Teased for eating 'rabbit food. It is the only thing I have ever been bullied about as an adult, and it is always pointed toward tearing down my masculinity in some way.

I also provide my health reasons and the positive outcomes I've experienced. That often piques the other's interest because of their own health concerns. If someone is obnoxious, I ignore them. How do I handle it? I normally say something like, "well, let's see which one of us can run the farthest, and we will see who's diet works best. It has since inspired much healthier eating habits — though not plant based for most, it is still much healthier.

I try to show them the positives of eating this way without attacking their diet. I've noticed a lot of people get defensive when I tell them that I'm vegan.

I feel they automatically assume I'm judging them for not being vegan. My wife's family also likes to tease me but it doesn't do much good because I'm more fit and healthier than all of them. I know it and they know it. But, I try to keep cooking a variety of dishes hoping they will see that there are advantages to eating this way.

I think teasing mostly comes from their own insecurities about their own diet. Being 'The Vegan' in the office makes me an easy target, but it also limits the jokes to once topic. I also try to turn every joke into PSA on the benefits of plant-eating. It is very common in our office for a quick vegan joke to turn into an entire conversation about healthy eating.

Every joke or jab is an opportunity for enlightenment! She only asked that I use a separate pan for cooking meat. My wife had been vegetarian for years. She tells me that people from her work can't believe that I don't eat meat or dairy. I think if it were reversed, I would have assumed the spouse and kids were vegan also, not the opposite.

When they brought us our breakfast, they served hers with whipped butter and mine with Earth Balance without asking. I was quite disappointed that they assumed that she was not vegan.

Ironically, she is not, but it was just odd they didn't think to ask knowing that I am. It makes me laugh.

6 Places to Meet a Vegan to Love

The good news is that other vegan singles want to meet you just as much as you want to meet them. For vegans, this can be a game-changer because it allows you to filter out anyone whose lifestyle might not jive well with yours. Stating your vegan preference in your bio on any dating platform is a great way to save time and connect only with singles who will be supportive of your lifestyle. Using dating sites specifically geared towards herbivores is even better. Luckily, dating sites like Green Singles , Veggie Date , and Veggie Connection provide an avenue for vegans and vegetarians to connect with each other, so you can rest assured that your next hot date is open to sharing a meal of meatless curry with a side of avocado.

Vegan dating Best sites Safety Success tips Bottom line. Successful relationships are based on shared values.

Maya Gottfried talks to The Independent about the best places to meet fellow vegans and if a vegan and meat-eater can ever truly be compatible. It's a particularly restrictive diet — meat is obviously off limits, but so are eggs, cheese and chocolate. In a relatively meat-and-dairy obsessed society where the dating world typically revolves around eating out, it can make dating — and finding a partner who either respects or is in line with vegan values — difficult. Maya Gottfried, a New York-based writer who turned vegan eight years ago, has collated advice on how to navigate the dating world when you are meat, egg, dairy and leather-free into a new book Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal.

Vegan man launches his own dating site to find a woman who likes animals and isn’t ‘too crazy’

Grazer screengrabs by author. Herbivore hook-up sites have been around for years now, but until recently I've not heard much from my vegan friends about them. Like everyone else, they mostly stick to Tinder, or Bumble, or talking to real people with their mouths. As a vegan myself, I wondered if the record amount of people apparently doing "Veganuary" this year might prompt an uptick in the number of people using these apps. To investigate, I decided to sign up to a few them and have a flick through in the hope I'd find a more compassionate, animal-friendly partner or whatever it is people use these things for. First up, I downloaded Hunny Bee, which is basically a shit Bumble. I found it weird they named the app after a food vegans actively avoid, but then remembered I'm a bad vegan who sometimes eats honey, shrugged and moved on.

4 Surefire Ways to Meet Vegan Singles

It was recently reported that the healthiest and happiest population subgroup is women who never married or had children. I am independent and allow absolutely no interference in my life at all. Some people need someone involved in their life. I do not. I like my own company and freedom.

The bad news?


Looking for Love? Here’s The Official Top 4 Vegan Dating Websites



Where are the single, older vegans?


Jan 25, - Could I find The (ethical) One this Veganuary? This taught me that all kinds of men do vegan dating, not just animal rights activists who.








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