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How do you see the views on facebook videos

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Do you create video content for Facebook? Wondering how to allow others to advertise during your videos? Facebook ad breaks allow you to monetize your Facebook video content. Ad breaks are short ads in the form of pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads inserted at natural breaks in your eligible video content. The feature has been around for a little over a year and users were slow to adopt it at first. But now, quite a few Facebook pages are earning 4—5 figures in revenue from ad breaks.

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How to Monetize Your Facebook Video With Facebook Ad Breaks

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Alex Dunn August 10, 4 min read. With Facebook videos, there's a bit of a problem that's either bugged you forever or flown entirely under your nose. We're talking incrementally more views. That's not all; one look at your video analytics and you can see that engagement is also much higher on videos uploaded with Facebook's native player than those shared from a 3rd party video site like YouTube. So, what's the big deal? Why do videos uploaded to Facebook get so many more views than those uploaded and shared from YouTube —as much as 10x more views?

Facebook isn't punishing 3rd party video content videos hosted on another platform and prioritizing its own player; rather, it's using its native player and autoplay functionality to incentivize uploaders. As for the view count itself? Pair that with muted autoplay that the native player has over 3rd party sites, and you have your answer.

Every time you scroll past a video on Facebook and it plays for 3 seconds, un clicked or clicked, it's counted as a view. Plays to your 3rd party YouTube video are intentional, while many of the plays using a native player will likely be attributed to a user scrolling by and taking a couple seconds to read the description while your video autoplays.

There are pros and cons to using Facebook's native player and a 3rd party site like YouTube that is, as far as Facebook interaction goes. You should have your content on YouTube regardless, and a private hosting option if you're a business owner or marketer. Facebook and YouTube are deep in the trenches. In the end, just try to balance both in your marketing strategy. They each serve different purposes and have their own strengths. He is a big movie nerd, loves possibly dangerous concerts and enjoys taunting co-workers with a camera.

He's probably seen The Royal Tenenbaums 14 times by now. More Insights.

Make your video public on Facebook and learn how many views it has

The idea for this experiment came to me after doing a few Facebook Live videos on the Agorapulse page. I could see the views were pretty high, yet the interaction was just so-so. With four billion video views happening daily on Facebook what is considered a video view? We know from a study by Wochit that video views were on the decline at the end of after Facebook announced news feed changes :.

Until a few years ago, people could have been forgiven for thinking that Facebook was meant for text-based status updates, Instagram for images, and YouTube for sharing videos. Not anymore, though. As the below Facebook video stats prove, video is the king of content on all platforms now, with the Facebook-Instagram behemoth giving fierce competition to YouTube.

While video may have killed the radio star , Facebook Video Ads definitely have the opposite effect on your advertising. Facebook video ads are some of the most effective advertising formats you have at your disposal. But having all the knowledge was not enough for our readers, so you asked for more. We asked out Top expert to reveal their secrets and to try and test every possible strategy so you can create the best Facebook video ads ever.

How to Improve Your Facebook Videos With Facebook Video Insights

People who upload a video to Facebook and allow it to be played by anyone will be able to see how many times it has been viewed beginning Monday. Many videos uploaded to Facebook have strict privacy settings that limit their access to friends or small groups. When people want to share videos with the public, they are more likely to turn to a place like YouTube. But Facebook has more active users globally than YouTube, and wider visibility of videos and the addition of viewership figures could make that more apparent to consumers and advertisers. If Facebook does get people to use its video tools more often, it could eventually place advertising alongside the videos the same way YouTube already does for millions of videos. For now, Facebook plans to get people who watch videos from their smartphones and tablets to watch more by recommending content when a video ends. The room for growth is immense because the amount of time U. But on mobile devices, no activities are becoming as popular as quickly as watching and sharing videos and photos. Chat with me on Twitter peard

Leading Facebook video publishers worldwide 2019, by views

Alex Dunn August 10, 4 min read. With Facebook videos, there's a bit of a problem that's either bugged you forever or flown entirely under your nose. We're talking incrementally more views. That's not all; one look at your video analytics and you can see that engagement is also much higher on videos uploaded with Facebook's native player than those shared from a 3rd party video site like YouTube.

B2C is proud to bring you this article from our sponsored series by Buffer :. Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once.

Tina Ahmed posted on 18 April Tweet Share Share Trying to rival YouTube, Facebook has been pushing towards better Facebook video engagement and promotion for the past couple of years. In an attempt to help you out with your branding efforts on the platform, we wanted to have a look at the state of Facebook video in order to give you insights into viewing behaviour of the Facebook audience. For this video study we looked at 1, Facebook pages via our Facebook video insights Locowise analytics tool.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Video Ads

Additional Information. Show source. Show sources information Show publisher information. Based on 5 billion videos from over 13 million total creators, which includes , brands and 65, media companies, and over 1 million sponsored videos.

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Facebook Video Ads: The Guide Marketers Are Looking For (Strategies Included)

Facebook has removed a benchmark metric that allows publishers to see how many video views lasted for 30 seconds or longer. In its place, Facebook has propped up a standard that measures number of views after 10 seconds of video playtime. Other metrics on this dashboard include total video views which Facebook measures at three seconds , unique viewers, average watch time per video and total minutes viewed. This is where the new second metric is now also available. Facebook announced that it would be introducing second views on its Insights dashboard last year, but for some publishers the changes went into effect last weekend, said multiple publishing sources. It comes at a confusing time, they add, because Facebook is now prioritizing longer watch time and higher-quality videos. If people are watching you for less than 30 seconds, can you honestly say they are paying attention to your content — and the ads on that video — at all? Tab Media said more than half of its Facebook viewers watch for at least 30 seconds.

May 16, - As the stats above stated for all 3 pages studied Facebook showed us views, with unique viewers. So, in reality, the average views.

More and more marketers are becoming aware of this powerful content format, and are quickly hopping on board the video trend to give their viewers what they want. Even more powerful than providing a resonant brand experience is the fact that videos convert. According to Adobe , shoppers that view videos are 1.

Facebook exaggerated video views to advertisers

Zach Basner. September 17th, min read. With over 2 billion users worldwide, the amount of content generated on the platform is staggering. What does that improved experience look like right now?

Facebook Video Statistics

Want to increase engagement, longevity, and exposure of your Facebook videos? To view and analyze your video metrics in Facebook Page Insights , log into Facebook , head to your page , and click the Insights tab at the top of the page. Then select Videos on the left.





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