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How do you get an aquarius woman to chase you

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Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach. I have always been interested in astrology. The idea that every sign holds some deep insight about a person that is seldom seen on the surface has always intrigued me. As an Aquarius woman myself, I feel I have some input to offer on this topic, so here it goes.

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How to Win the Heart of an Aquarius Woman

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Im a leo man that have been dating an aquarius woman for 2years now. We had our ups and downs but she always comes back to me. But then after a couple of weeks of coming back she turns cold again. What can I do so she continues chasing me. Im a leo and need attention, and totally in love with her. I'm an aquarius. I'm also a girl. I think that if you let her know how you feel and how much you want her she will understand.

She also might just need something new in the relationship like date wise. I know that I get bored easily. Since i'm kind of back and forth, hot and cold etc where one day i want you and the next day i've slightly forgotten about you because i'm concerned with other things or interested in something else or devoting my time elsewhere, i would actually suggest to not mirror this type of behavior because it won't really get you anywhere further relationship wise if you are both playing the same game; it just leads to confusion and doubt.

Simply make it obvious she is the only one you have eyes for but kind of make yourself a challenge or a mystery. You gotta keep us on our toes and keep it hot, fresh, and intriguing, otherwise we are going to wander especially if a mental connection of any sort is lacking. About her being cold, Aquarius are usually known to be that way so you can't really fix that aspect about her, you just gotta accept it and if not that is probably one of the things that is going to slowly draw the two of you apart.

It would make sense to every once in awhile since you care about her. Otherwise it is so one sided. By the looks of your question, perhaps she's bored chasing you and would like if you went after her for once. Lets not forget it isn't just about you and your needs. Maybe there are things she needs and desires as well, so talk to her.

Remember you can't show your love only physically. Communication is key here. Especially if you love her and want to keep her around and have her feeling the same way about you. I'm really sorry hunnie.. Aqua's do this.. The good thing is they like to make a clean cut when they leave. That's what hes trying to do.. He won't come back. You need to move on.

Aqua's also do this strange thing where in the end they tell their partner how messed up they are and that its not their partners fault at all. We think it helps the other person feel better about the break up.. I'm sorry but I've done this a hundred times before. Good luck! I think the problem lies in you! In a few steps, Aquarius female can easily gives herself up to you and save the headache!

Long story short, you need to give too much love at the beginning but you need to run and reject her later and see how she d surrender herself and come crawling to you Any other tips in this regard from an Aquarius female would be a mislead! I'm opposite! Im a leo girl who really really liked an aquarius man. Just sit down and talk to her and tell her how u really feel about her.

Good luck. Touch her appropriately as soon as you meet her and slowly escalate the duration and intensity of each touch. If you tell her how you feel, she might feel smothered, even if she possibly has feelings towards you. If you want her to chase you, which is what we do when we are tired of waiting for someone we adore, then act the same way she is treating you. We sometimes subconsciously play mind games, sometimes we do not even notice it - running away, being distant, cold, and aloof -so you are going to have to act the same way towards her.

She will wonder and it will drive her crazy. You will hardly know they are chasing you, but the little things they do to make you feel special is more than enough. Answer Save. Without A Name Lv 6. And why can't YOU chase her? Linda Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Il Faraone. HorseFry Lv 6. Sleepsomemore Lv 4. I must advise you, don't play games. We dislike that.

A lot. Show more answers 3. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

How to Make an Aquarius Woman Obsessed with You – Zodiac Signs

Here are how to make an Aquarius woman obsessed with you. One thing that everyone should know if they want an Aquarius as their partner, Aquarius would be very loyal and put them in their priority. Aquarius man likes women who are good-hearted, if you want to make a man pursue you aquarius then you must be a good woman. Not only beautiful and sweet attitude, a good heart is also considered by man aquarius.

If you love free-spirited souls, dating Aquarius women will bring you joy. They are hardworking, nurturing, generous, and adventurous.

As the 11th sun sign in the Zodiac cycle, this constellation is known for being unique, highly intelligent, unapologetically quirky, incredibly charming, and a bit of revolutionary. An endless stream of unusual ideas always pops up in her mind as she craves for exploring something new. Most Aquarian girls believe in true love, since they often search for a best friend and soulmate in one. This sign is incredibly friendly and loyal — no wonder they value friendships and respond well to a relationship with a strong sense of companionship, over traditional romance.

How To Attract An Aquarius Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

Aquarius women are unique, independent and sometimes unpredictable, in wonderful ways! They are passionate, thoughtful and free, but at the same time full of energy and headstrong. Here are some ideas on how to keep your Aquarius woman happy. But everything you seem to do kind of annoys her. Be sure to tread carefully in these early stages and realize that she is an independent spirit. Easily the worst possible thing you can do to an Aquarius woman is to overwhelm her through constant texting, emailing or calling. In fact, this is the easiest way to get an Aquarius woman to back off! The best advice for trying to regain the attention of your Aquarius woman is to literally do nothing at all. Back off completely. If there is one thing an Aquarius woman hates it is being deceived and you will be much better off telling the truth no matter what happens, even if you believe it will hurt her.

10 Ways to Make Aquarius Women Happy

Aquarius women are friendly, entertaining, and always interesting. They do not, however, tend to be all that romantic. Aquarius women tend to be reserved and intellectual, which can make it very difficult to know if she likes you. Yet, when an Aquarius woman does eventually fall in love, she is a devoted and stable companion.

This air sign is like the sky - her eyes are just as cerulean or far-away , and her mind is just as wide.

Do you Aquarius girls avoid someone your interested in or like? Do you avoid direct questions from the person you like? Theres an Aquarius girl i've been talking to for about months now.

How to make an aquarius come chase you?

As the high-minded idealists of the zodiac, no sign believes in the transcendent power of true love quite like Aquarius. Ferociously independent and rebellious anti-conformists, those born under the sign of the Waterbearer are notoriously slow to make hard-and-fast commitments, especially when it comes to giving away their heart. Once you prove this, the Waterbearer will tiptoe out of a casual connection and into an adventurous, often unpredictably wacky relationship.

Im a leo man that have been dating an aquarius woman for 2years now. We had our ups and downs but she always comes back to me. But then after a couple of weeks of coming back she turns cold again. What can I do so she continues chasing me. Im a leo and need attention, and totally in love with her.

Aquarius girls being evasive

If you have your heart set on an Aquarian, and you want to know what it's like to love and be loved by one, I will tell you. As an Aquarius with 26 years of experience, you should prepare for the longest, but most worthwhile love battle of your life. Because Aquarians are such sentimental beings, we respond much better to gifts with sentimental value as opposed to monetary value. Also, we are incredibly playful, so if you can joke around with us and be our best friend, we may start to see you in a romantic light eventually. We may seem cold and detached because we don't open up easily, but when it comes to strangers and their problems, we attach ourselves quickly and will do anything we can to help. We have the world's problems on our shoulders at all times, and we are essentially natural-born humanitarians. I once went on a date with a guy, and while we were walking to the restaurant, I spotted a homeless man. If we wholeheartedly believe in something, we will fight for it, all while being extremely tolerant of other people's viewpoints.

Jun 15, - Simply be yourself and don't force a situation, go wherever the mood takes you. Given Aquarian women's fondness for highbrow conversation.

Updated: April 26, Reader-Approved References. Aquarius women are a paradox. Trying to figure this woman out is like trying to rope the wind. She will have inconsistency and confusion in her life.

Win the Aquarius Woman - Love Signs

Email address:. If you want to be noticed by an Aquarius woman , you must be original and stand out from the crowd. It does concern your personality though, and the way you speak along with the manner in which you carry yourself. Her naturally inquisitive nature means that she finds herself drawn to many subjects, and loves doing things that stimulate all her senses.

Aquarius has more than one way to easily attract people to loves them. Their charm seems could always caught everyone attention. Meanwhile, it is not an easy task to make them lock her eyes on you because they have some high standard especially to become their partner.

Women of this zodiac sign do not belong to the conventional type. They are charming, attractive and intelligent.




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