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How do i find out what ring size my girlfriend is

Planning a surprise marriage proposal can be quite complicated. Not only do you need to keep the big event itself a secret, but you might also need to pick up an engagement ring that will not only amaze but also fit. Short of asking them directly, it can be tough to figure out someone's ring size. If you want to pull off a flawless proposal, there are a few ways to make sure that you can actually slide that ring onto your partner's finger when the moment arrives. According to the Swiss Gemological Laboratory, the average woman's ring size is between five and seven. The average adult man's ring size is between nine and

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How to Secretly Determine Ring Size

Photos by Amy and Jordan. This is possibly the easiest and oldest trick in the book. If you give this information to your jeweler, they can usually help you come up with an approximate size based on proportions they typically see. For a hands-on approach, size it yourself. You can order a complimentary ring sizer on James Allen. After that, head to your jeweler so they can use one of their ring sizers to find the best match based on where the line is on your finger. Quite frankly, they also might already know the answer.

They might even drop some hints as to what they want in this conversation, so remind the friends to keep their ears open for more than just engagement ring size details. Unless said friend is also likely getting engaged soon, it would be random for a single person to suggest to your partner that they make a specific plan to try rings on. This is a bit of a best friend duty to make sure your BFFL gets the ring of their dreams. This is a similar concept to the one above.

The ring you choose, the timing of the proposal and the way you propose can still be a complete secret—no harm in asking directly for their ring size. It can also make for a hilarious story down the road. While your partner is in Sleeping Beauty mode, take a simple string, fishing line, or piece of paper and wrap it around their finger on their left hand.

Remember those drawings you used to do around Thanksgiving? That same approach can be applied here. The key is to getting it close and as stated above, to err on the side of caution by making it bigger than smaller , and then perfecting it later.

If you need more advice, we have a good amount of proposal planning tools such as our engagement ring finder , an article on how to find her ring style , or our proposal idea generator. Good luck, guys. All photos provided by Amy and Jordan! Blog, Popular Stories. Blog, How She Asked. Blog, Proposal Advice. Blog, Ring Advice. Share the love. Proposal Advice. Ring Advice. Proposal Videos. Ring Quiz. Popular Themes. With Friends and Family. View More. Recommended Reading.

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Planning to propose? 5 ways to find out her ring size!

It's time to buy the engagement ring. You've done all your research and know exactly what you want to get. There's only one little thing holding you back from buying the ring

What about you? Should you even bother trying to find out her ring size without her knowing?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Lifehacks Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people looking to bypass life's everyday problems with simple tricks. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm looking for a subtle way to figure out my girlfriend's ring size. The most common advice you can find by Googling is:.

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So you're ready to pop the question and now all you need is an engagement ring to deliver the perfect proposal. In addition to knowing your partner's preferences when it comes to her future ring gold or platinum? However, asking her straight-out would ruin any chances of a surprise proposal. If you intend on popping the question as a surprise, you'll have to determine her ring size without her suspecting anything. To ensure your proposal remains under wraps, we've outlined how to get your partner's ring size without asking. Below are eight tips for sneakily figuring out just what ring size will fit on her finger. If you two have already discussed marriage as a possibility in your future together, chances are she's spilled her ring size and style preferences to a close friend or relative. This will be as accurate of a measurement as you can get without visiting a professional jeweler to get sized.

How to Ask My Girlfriend Her Ring Size

Some of these ring sizing methods will make for a funny story after the proposal! Ringcrush is all about alternative engagement rings. Follow this guide for easy ways to figure out her ring size without her knowing. When she's looking the other way, steal one of her rings, and slide it onto a professional goldsmith's ring mandrel. Simply note at what numbered line on the ring mandrel the ring falls, and voila!

Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or sizing up your girlfriend's finger for another occasion, guys often want to secretly figure out their girlfriend's ring size.

Updated: February 5, References. If you want to get a ring for someone, one of the trickiest things you'll have to do is figure out what size ring they wear. This is especially difficult if you want the ring to be a surprise.

Real Men Only: 27 Ways to Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

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You know what engagement ring you want to get, and you know when you want to pop the question. But you don't know what size ring your girlfriend wears. Take a look at these five ways you can learn how to find your girlfriend's ring size without her knowing about it. If your girlfriend is out of town or if you can borrow one of her rings without her noticing, you can take it to a jeweler. They'll measure the ring and let you know what size engagement ring you should be looking at.


Thank you Lisa and Jill and everyone at Danforth for the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. It looked great on the computer and when it arrived, I was amazed. Nice work and it's a big hit. Thank you again for getting it here when I needed it. We will contact you for future purchases and highly recommend your company for jewelry. Do a trial run. If you don't plan on proposing for quite some time, present her with a lovely, but inexpensive fashion ring on her birthday or some romantic holiday.

Sep 5, - Perhaps the easiest way to get her ring size without her knowing is to use a ring she already owns. Wait until your girlfriend is not around and.

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If you want your engagement to really be a surprise, and your partner hasn't dropped loads of hints about all things rings, you may need to do some digging on how to figure out your girlfriend's ring size all on your own. Because someone's ring size isn't really a casual thing to mention in conversation, your stealthiness is absolute key. Just pretend you're Betty Cooper on any given day and you'll be set. If you don't get that reference, then you don't watch Riverdale , and should be ashamed.

To update the cart including qty, please click on the "View cart" or "Checkout" buttons above. Still have engagement ring questions? Determining the ring size for your girlfriend can seem like a decision that could hold up the whole process. Many men have come before you and pulled off this part of the process with ease.

Photos by Amy and Jordan.

Store Hours or Make an Appointment. September 05, You might be worrying about how you are going to find your girlfriend's ring size without ruining your proposal plans. You might want to ask her directly if you plan on buying a ring that may be difficult to resize. Perhaps the easiest way to get her ring size without her knowing is to use a ring she already owns.



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