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Girl meets world fanfiction riley and lucas baby

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This is the sequel to The Wedding Reunion! We will get to meet the first baby of the friend group, baby Rucas! I am so excited for this story and all the adorableness that will be taking place! Leave reviews on anything you want to see and I will do my best to incorporate it into the story! Lucas heard his wife's call and rushed out of their bedroom and into the living room.

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An Anchor for the Soul

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Three days ago, Lucas had finally chosen. He had asked to meet Maya outside her house, and once there he had told her the truth in the simplest words he could find. He had asked if this was the end of their friendship and she had simply shaken her head. Maya had come to see Riley immediately, telling her the news. She had not cried, and Riley had found it weird. Riley had tried to smile back, to no avail. She had looked down, not knowing if she felt this was such good news. Come here.

It had been three days already. Lucas had tried and called her several times but Riley had not had the strength to answer him. Was being with Lucas really what she wanted? She was taken out of her reverie as she heard a screeching noise behind her. Someone was going up her window. They chuckled as old memories flowed back into their mind. Riley looked at the spot next to her and he took it as an invitation to sit.

Although, I am all that already. Riley had to control herself not to bite her lip. This boy was definitely too good to be true. She raised her eyes to the ceiling, trying to find the words to be as truthful as she could be. Lucas glided to be just a little closer to her.

How can I make you understand that I you will always have me around? Riley raised her eyebrows, slowing putting her hand on his. He took it lightly and put it on his chest. She hesitated a few seconds, not understanding what his idea was, but then she heard it.

His heartbeat. It was beating really fast. Another day passed. She desperately wanted to see Lucas. That was a fact she had admitted the second he had left her room the other day.

She always wanted to see him, she never wanted him not to be there. But was she really ready to be — what do they call it? Was she ready to let her guard down and let Lucas lead the way for her for a while? Was it really what that meant, being with someone? She tried to hesitate, she really did. But her heart was too strong, and she was already looking for an outfit. She had chosen her lucky outfit — a sparkling purple dress with black tights and dark geen boots. She opened the door only to realize the room was not lit.

Well, not with electricity, but with hundreds of candles. Lucas was standing in the middle of the room, the candlelight reflecting in his deep green eyes. As an answer, Lucas only smiled and gestured to the sofa next to him for her to sit. Only then did she notice the accessory standing beside him: a guitar. He took it slowly. He looked quite nervous, Riley could see his fingers were shaking just a little bit.

His fingers calmed down when he started playing, and his shaking voice echoed across the empty room. He played the last cords and sighed at his own bravery.

He put down the guitar next to him before looking at Riley straight in her eyes. Do you believe me? Riley Matthews, at just seven years old saw such hope in the world. But even more so, she saw the world in Lucas Friar. They were young, and klutzy. Every Sunday was their special day. They would attend the church service with their parents and as they playfully nudged each other through the service, overlookers would grin and blab to the adults that they would make the best couple.

Friar and Mr. Matthews would agree, saying how Lucas would treat her right as they grew into themselves, Mrs. Friar and Mrs. Matthews would just grin knowingly - they were going to marry each other; and maybe, just maybe, that would be true one day.

Seeing the bottle green eyes of the nine year old poke out, she grinned like he was her everything. To her, he was. He would grab her hand and pull her the rest of the way up and tell her to gain some muscle.

She was too precious. The ratted purple rug - that Lucas refused at first but gave in because Riley was too cute - was even more ratted now than it was to begin with. But he would keep it, because it meant the world to her. They sat cozily in the treehouse, not saying much because they were both pretty tired. It was getting late but Riley asked him what the sixth grade is like. He chuckled at her and bit into his bottom lip. He shrugs. She pushes his hand away and frowns.

He wonders if she knew how much he admired her. She quickly left a confused Lucas alone in their treehouse. When Riley was in her junior year of high school, it had been a while since she and Lucas had seen each other. She grinned at him and he was at a loss for words. She was taller and her hair was longer, softly curled chestnut brown hair. He wanted so desperately to run his fingers through it. She still had the very slightest of a lisp but he figured he noticed because he was her best friend.

Her smile could light up a room and her eyes shined so bright they could replace the sun. They were close, and sometimes Lucas lost out to Riley because of her hanging out with Aleshia but that was just a part of growing up. Alicia rolls her eyes and laughs beside her and Lucas steps forward, without warning, and wraps Riley in a hug.

She smiles when they pull apart. He kinks an eyebrow. You planning on asking this lovely lady out anytime soon? She gladly accepted and he tried to avoid his graduation date more and more as the days passed. Two AM night drives with Lucas held a close place in her heart. Talking about anything and everything and how Riley was getting stressed about the SATs but Lucas told he not to worry because she was endlessly intelligent.

He squeezed her hand and smiled at her. Riley took a deep breath and looked up, Lucas already looking down at her. I just, wanted to make the most of all the time we have together! You could have told me when you found out that you got the early admissions. He rushes up on the porch and holds her face in his hands, brushing away her tears. She pushes his hands down and sighs. Just go. She lets out a huff before running into her house and slamming the door behind her.

Lucas groans and kicks one of the porch railings, running his fingers through his hair again. So he waited until the morning sunrise.

When Topanga watched from her window as Riley ran to his truck, she smiled. She watched as they talked with their hands and looked to be arguing but after a moment, their lips met and she just shook her head and smiled. Cory came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. They made a long distance relationship work for the first three years, and then things got worse about their time apart and they fell out of touch.

She smiled at him as he ordered her usual. You look great.

Girl Meets World/Boy Meets World fanfic

Alright here's chapter one of the girl meets world fanfic I promised yall. I shut my laptop and walked over to my window, it was about that time of the day again. I saw her blond hair long before she made it to my fire escape, but I smiled at her in mock surprise nevertheless. It was our routine after all. What was up, indeed?

Three days ago, Lucas had finally chosen. He had asked to meet Maya outside her house, and once there he had told her the truth in the simplest words he could find.

Over the last 20 years, television for teens and pre-teens has changed pretty drastically. Farkle Minkus , the class nerd, carries on th e legacy of his father — the similarly portrayed Stuart Minkus. While Girl Meets World tends to rely a little heavily on recreating the plot-lines of its predecessor, it has done a fair job of pushin g boundaries of representation. See Footnote at the end of this piece.

Captain Swan Fan — Lucaya FanFiction

Author: hashtaglucaya Rating: T Genres: fluff, humor, future-fic. She wore jeans and an old red flannel splattered with a myriad of paint stains. The long blonde hair that normally fell down her back in waves was twisted into a sloppy bun on the top of her head. There was a pencil hidden somewhere in there, too. His tiny hands were carefully clutching two muffins. He made his way over to the table and gently placed them in front of his mother, who looked on in pride. You carried both of those all by yourself! The boy climbed into a chair next to hers and eagerly watched his mother.

GMW — Girl Meets New Years Fanfic

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It's the week before summer break and Maya Hart feels left behind because all of her friends are in a romantical relationship with someone and kinda segregate her. On top of that her feelings for a certain Uncle Boing, she has ignored for a few years, find its way back to the surface, stronger than before.

Topanga Matthews was a smart woman. If you miss me then you should do something about it.

Lucaya centric, but includes other ships. No hate except for Charlie hate. Tried to keep in character but sacrificed being in character for angst. Lucas and Maya find out.

Girl meets Perception a GMW fanfiction

Aloha, my fellow readers. This story is a coming of age comedy-drama about Riley and Lucas who are two high school seniors in love until complications arise when Riley finds out that she's pregnant before graduation. This story will deal with some mature topics like pregnancy, marriage, postpartum depression and alcoholism.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World- Lucas finds out someone's been bullying Riley - Girl Meets Rileytown

A collection of unconnected oneshots focused on Maya and Lucas. Everyone is forced to leave the Academy for their safety, but with nowhere else to go, Rose is sent to Russia with Dimitri. Prolonged Silences by goldfish reviews Going a thousand years without any form of physical affection can really tend to leave a person craving it. But what she doesn't know, what she isn't aware of, is that just two years out of her best friend's company is apparently long enough to leave her craving it, too. He also needs a vacation.

Girl Meets World Fanfictions

What happens when Maya finds out that Kenzie has a cute older brother? A simple FaceTime call leads to something so much more. The story is set 10 years after High School Graduation. Maya is 27, Lucas is 28, Riley is 26, and Farkle is also A relationship never worked out for them in High School but Lucy always came first so when they become friends with benefits they obviously keep it a secret.

To the future part 41 Lucaya Fanfiction, Girl Meets World, Victoria Justice, Baby NO LUCAYA LUCAS IS SUPPOSED TK BE WITH RILEY WHY CANT HE JUST.

Here's a little key so you know where all the characters are in there lives. Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle are all 20 bordering on 21, Auggie is 13 almost Lucas are Riley are married, Farkle and Maya are married sorry all those Moshua shippers but please give it a chance Lucas is a vet, Maya is an artist, Farkle owns Minkus International and Riley is a children's nurse.







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