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Girl meets world fanfiction bullying

Featuring a clueless Maya and a lovesick Riley. It was Christmas Eve at the Matthews residence and Riley and Maya were cuddling in bed, having their annual Christmas movie binge watching night. Maya looked up at her fondly. The brunette pushed herself up on her elbows and sat up properly.

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mistletoe (rilaya fanfic)

You can't escape me! I felt that I didn't deserve all of that praise. Yes, I enjoyed writing it. But it wasn't written from the heart.

His Moment was written because of the lack of Liley stories on FF. Now, I bring you a story, written from the heart, about something that happens in every day life. Something that shouldn't happen, but does. Something that has happened to me, and still is happening.

The skies were dark. The clouds were gray. Rain beat down on the windows in a steady drizzle. It was the kind of day that would normally dampen any normal person's mood. But Riley was no normal person. It didn't matter that the sun wasn't shining or that the birds weren't chirping.

Riley was weird. Even as her best friend, Maya wasn't going to deny it. But nobody had ever said that being weird was a bad thing. And everyone loved Riley and her weirdness. Riley was quirky and awkward, but that was just part of what made her a wonderful person to be around. She was always their for Maya.

A shoulder for her to cry on, a smile to cheer her up. Even if she annoyed her with her twisted need to fix her life, she was her best friend.

Riley's life seemed perfect. She had the perfect family, perfect grades, perfect everything. The universe actually payed attention to her. That was more than Maya could say of herself. She had never met her father. He'd left before she was born. He'd just walked out on her pregnant mother, leaving her a single mom, forced to raise Maya on her own.

The problem was, because Katy had to work so much to provide for her daughter, she didn't get a chance to raise her. And even during the rare times she was around, she was always heading out to auditions, trying to start the acting career she as probably never going to have. Meanwhile, Maya was left at home with no one to help her with her homework. Riley and her family were all she had. But Maya was strong. She was tough.

Sure, her grades weren't the greatest. But she knew that Mr. Matthews wouldn't let her fail. Not if Riley had anything to do with it. And she didn't want to fail. She wanted to do great things in the world. She wanted the universe to pay attention to her. Riley had her life on track. And with her help, Maya was going to get hers on track, too. That's what Maya was thinking as she rang the buzzer to Riley's apartment. The reply came fast, as if Riley had been standing by the door, waiting for her.

Maya dashed upstairs and burst through the door, grateful to be out of the rain. She paused in the doorway, panting. Her clothes were soaked, her blue eyes were wide, and her blonde hair clung to the back of her neck.

But she greeted Riley and her family with a smile. She never really meant it when she called them 'losers' or 'goofballs. And it never seemed to bother them when she said it, so she kept doing it. It was the Maya way of showing her appreciation for them. The family sat around tha dining room table.

Matthews wasn't there. He must've already left for work. Riley turned in her chair. She patted the empty chair next to her. Maya obeyed, shivering. She was sopping wet, and the air-conditioning wasn't making it any better. I wasn't asking. Matthews said with a slight smirk, pushing the bowl even closer to her. Maya smiled. She didn't care that it didn't taste very good. It still had some warmth in it, warmth that she needed to keep from freezing to death. Maya rolled her eyes. Riley thought any day was a beautiful day.

They finished up their breakfast silently. As she finished, Maya pulled out the smartphone that Mr. Matthews had given her. She didn't use it very often. She still wanted to prove that she was okay without being an 'unfeeling zombie,' as Mr. Matthews would call it. She literally only used it to check the time and text Riley when they weren't near each other. Riley stood up and nodded. She picked up her backpack, throwing it on her back. Maya smiled, picking up her own bag and following Riley.

They headed out the door, ready to take on the world. Rain crashed down around them, flooding the streets of NYC. Thunder roared in the distance. Both girls were soaked in a matter of seconds.

The sky lit up with lightning, followed by a loud clap of thunder. Riley jumped, slightly startled. Riley shrugged, and began walking forward. Water soaked their shoes, and slid down the sidewalk, making it slippery. But luckily, neither of them fell. Not that it would have made a difference if their butts touched the ground. They were already wet. They walked the short walk to the subway station, heading downstairs.

Maya didn't know about Riley, but she was sure glad to be out of the rain. The subway they needed came in less then two seconds after they made it quickly boarded the underground train. Luckily, there were seats left, so the shivering girls didn't have to stand. Lucas was on the subway, so of course, Riley had to take the seat next to him. They were in seventh grade, but Riley still acted like a little kid sometimes.

But Riley was Riley. Maya didn't understand what she saw in him. Lucas rolled his eyes. You really need to make up your mind on my nickname, city girl. Lucas tipped his nonexistant cowboy hat in that polite way that always annoyed Maya.

Girl Meets World Fanfics

Once they figure it out, they decide to hide it from Lucas because they're afraid of how he'll react to it. But, what happens when he does find out? They'd all started realizing it a few days ago. Riley was acting unlike herself.

I had been thinking about doing this before and I got sudden inspiration to start in rewatching the last few episodes of GMW. This particular one is around the time Topanga is considering London. Some of the events in here will be slightly AU, but it really depends on each separate entry.

How do you know so much about this, Zay? Well, back in Texas, we call this a Wednesday. Oh, and I took some cereal. Pebblemist is Hamiltrash Riley was weird. Even as her best friend, Maya wasn't going to deny it.

Rileys bully girl meets world

I own nothing but the story And as she opened her mouth to call for help again she felt the side of the face slam against the lockers. He had smacked her, hard. She began to cry and heard a door swing open, seeing a very angry face. Which scared her, but not as much as the person holding her against the lockers. Riley read the text and looked in the mirror. Was she really that ugly? She sighed deeply. I'm ugly

This story is sort of out of character but whatever. Below is a character description of some OC's Picture links are in my bio. Prompt: The bullying takes a turn as Riley's bully gets physical. Will Lucas be there in time to save her? Riley Matthews laid in her bed, the sun peeping through the curtains of the bay window.

Everything was normal for Riley Monday morning, She gets up and gets dressed in a floral dress and black booties. She does her makeup like usual and grabs her bag and walks into the kitchen to join her family for breakfast.

Im afraid to read the review before seeing it but I'd love to see it. How can I watch it early? I think Christian intended to drop the link at the beginning of the post where he said "this link.

Riley woke up and then went to shower and then get dressed. After she was done she went down stairs to eat breakfast with her family. When they heard "Maya" Riley went over and pushed the button to let her in then sat down to finish eating breakfast when Maya walked in she goes" hello losers.

You can't escape me! I felt that I didn't deserve all of that praise. Yes, I enjoyed writing it. But it wasn't written from the heart. His Moment was written because of the lack of Liley stories on FF.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. This is a Rilaya fanfic If you don't like the ship get out of here. Or just don't read.

Sep 17, - It's just a couple of bruises, you can't even see them." Or, Farkle realizes that getting bullied is a lot harder in high school - and he doesn't want his.

Riley Matthews was sleeping in her bedroom and it was AM in the morning. Maya Hart her best friend climbed in her bedroom window, but Riley was still asleep. Then Maya gently rubbed Riley's back and said you up sweetie?

A couple of bruises isn't a big deal , Farkle kept thinking to himself in class. It's just a couple of bruises, you can't even see them. He felt a bead of sweat drip off his eyebrow and onto his hand. They were having an Indian summer.






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