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In , the world was introduced to a family of devout Christians living in Tontitown, Arkansas. We were fascinated as these Baptists managed to handle raising and caring for more than a dozen children before adding to their brood, resulting in the show being renamed three times. My love and I! We really enjoyed this trip down to Texas! In addition to the nine and counting grand-children they now have, the couple adopted a 20th child in early They also became permanent guardians to their grand-nephew, nine-year-old Tyler, after his mother was unable to care for him.

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The Duggar kids have all grown up: Where are they now?

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? They share how their family walks through unexpected and difficult circumstances and how they manage to maintain their faith and love their family. This updated edition has new stories and insights that reflect the experiences of Jill and Jessa—the now-married Duggar daughters—on their exciting journey through courtship, engagement, and marriage. With a backdrop of the key relationships in their lives, the four Duggar girls also open up about their own personal faith and convictions, boys, peer pressure, manners, living in a large family, politics, and much more.

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Where the Crawdads Sing. If It Bleeds. Little Fires Everywhere. About the Author Jill is 20 and currently a student midwife. She is the social butterfly of the family, easy-goin' and loves taking time off to hang out with her younger brothers and sisters if that means running an errand or making dinner together.

Oftentimes you will find her counseling girls via phone, text, person, or email. She enjoys playing harp and violin, spending time outdoors and loving on little ones! Among other things these days, Jill keeps busy studying Spanish, checking up on pregnant mommas, volunteering on the fire department and helping out on political campaigns.

Lord willing, she hopes to someday use the skills she is learning to share the hope and love of Jesus with the people of Latin America! Jessa 19 is talented at playing several instruments, her current favorite is the guitar. She can hear something once and the next thing you know she's up in the girls room pickin' it out on an instrument. In her "spare time" she enjoys reading interesting books, memorizing scripture, discipling friends and hanging out with her fam.

Jessa has the gift of organization and loves using it! Whether she is de-cluttering a storage area, packing for a trip, or lining the six little boys out, if she gets involved in a task you can be sure it won't be done halfway! At 18, Jinger is thrilled to be able to vote this year! She is full of energy, that is when she has a cup of coffee in her hand!

Jinger has become quite the photographer and loves practicing her skills with her siblings while picking up helpful tips from other professional crews that often come through.

Jinger can probably make more facial expressions than anyone in the whole family and loves jammin' in the living room playing duets on the piano with Jana. She has a passion to reach the world for Christ, so it's not uncommon to see her stop and pass out gospel tracts in a grocery store or at a resale shop on one of her many shopping outings!

The conversation that may have begun with a letter or an e-mail you wrote to us, or the one that started with a question you asked or a comment you made after we spoke to a group somewhere. Jana sat with you there and shared your hope that someday you would see your mother again. You smiled and nodded when Jill asked if it would be okay if she said a prayer for your newborn babe. You asked for ideas about how you could be more helpful and encouraging to your teenage daughter as she struggles with relationships involving boys.

You could hardly bring yourself to believe God could really forgive you. But Jinger assured you He can.

And will. We know how weird we must seem to a lot of you, with our different style of dressing and our conservative Christian beliefs. Even though we have never met most of you reading this book, we want you to know we love you and care about your future.

We want to share our stories with you, knowing you have a story, too, and hoping something we say here might empower you to use your story, your life, to help others. When they prayed that prayer, they were humbly asking God to keep each member of our family on the right track so that we might fulfill the purpose for which He created us, and that He would accomplish as much through us as possible during our time on earth.

At that point, they probably would have been happy if even a single person had become a follower of Jesus because of them. Those relationships begin with the way we feel about ourselves, accepting the way God created us and seeking His purpose for our lives.

Then we focus on the way we relate to our parents. Our parents have always worked hard to make their relationship with us a priority. And on practical terms, they encourage us to talk with them about not only the small things in life but also deep matters of the heart.

Next, Mom and Dad encourage us kids to be best friends with each other, and so we talk about our relationships with siblings. Of course, as happens in any family, conflicts occur, annoyances are inevitable, and hurt feelings spring up. Then, we take many of the lessons about getting along with our siblings and apply them to our relationships with friends.

Though the topics and stories will vary from chapter to chapter, the theme of this whole book is relationships; and the foundation for all our relationships with people—as well as our relationship with our culture, country, and the world—is our relationship with God. You can read as much or as little at one sitting as you like—whatever works for you. We have written this book with you in mind. Most important, we hope this book will inspire you to let the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ empower you to make a difference through the relationships that fill your own life.

It was an easy question for us to answer: we wanted to be together. Jana and I Jill sleep in double beds with our youngest sisters, Jordyn and Josie, and the other girls sleep in twin- or youth-sized beds. We love the late-night conversations and falling asleep each night surrounded by our sisters. One night a few years ago as I was putting my retainer in my mouth at bedtime, my sister Johannah, then probably five or six, asked what it was.

Every girl has a tendency to compare herself to other girls, noticing how they dress or style their hair, how much they weigh, how they talk, the words and phrases they use, and how guys respond to them. Maybe the girl who seemed just fine yesterday now seems too short or too tall, too thin or too heavy. Maybe her clothes, the ones that were your favorites yesterday, seem completely wrong today.

And that hair. Suddenly the girl who looked just fine yesterday seems like a total loser today compared to those cute girls at the mall. So then what happens? Fear of rejection is one of the major problems facing teenagers and young adults today. It affects almost all of us, including the Duggar kids, at one time or another. For example, I Jill can remember a Sunday morning when we were getting ready for church and I went through multiple outfit changes because I was trying to measure up.

Ever been there? Finally I chose an outfit I thought was suitable. I took it upstairs and laid it out so it would be ready the next morning.

But when I walked out of the bathroom Sunday morning, dressed and ready to go, I noticed how great Jessa looked wearing an adorable outfit she had recently found at a thrift store. Plus, she had the cutest aviator sunglasses perched on her head and a stylish leather bag slung over her shoulder. Suddenly the outfit I had chosen for myself the night before seemed totally wrong. I wanted to look as cute as Jessa did.

So I hurried back downstairs to the closet and stood there for what seemed like another ten minutes, trying to find something to wear. I hurriedly put that choice back on the hanger and found a cute denim skirt—only to realize the zipper was broken. I was growing more frustrated and about to settle for the original outfit I had put on that morning when my eye landed on a brown-striped skirt.

Perfect, I thought. But then I had to change my shoes to go with the skirt, and—or where were those sandals that looked so great with this skirt? I finally rushed out of the clothes closet and around the corner to the bathroom mirror. With all the changing, my hair had gotten messed up. I hurriedly worked to restore order to it and then discovered we had run out of hair spray in that bathroom.

Running to another bathroom to grab some, I could hear the car horn honking as the second load of churchgoers waited for me. Not exactly the way one would want to prepare for a morning of worshipping our Creator! And it all started because I compared myself to one of my sisters and felt that my appearance fell short. I was the typical happy little Duggar kid, filling my day with homeschool work and playing with my siblings and friends. But life changed for me when I was about twelve or thirteen.

Whenever I was around friends outside our family, I became very quiet and self-conscious—really insecure about the way I looked, dressed, and acted. I had friends who were really beautiful, and whenever we were together I compared myself to them and always came up lacking something.

The show features the Duggar family: parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children: nine girls and ten boys, all of whose names begin with the letter "J". During the life of the show, two children were born, three children were married, and four grandchildren were born. The show focuses on the life of the Duggar family, who are devout Baptists , [1] and frequently discusses values of purity, modesty, and faith in God. The Duggars avoid birth control saying they have decided to allow God to determine the number of children they have. All of the children are homeschooled , and access to entertainment such as movies and television is limited.

It's easy to focus on the babies of the Duggar family. They're gorgeous and they just keep coming! With 8 of the 19 Duggar kids now grown up and married, the family is welcoming armfuls of adorable, questionably-named Spurgeon?

The Duggars do their best to sweep anything imperfect under the rug. And fans think that Jinger Duggar might be hiding something , too. Some believe Jinger struggled with her mental health growing up and think it may have led to an eating disorder. Michelle Duggar has said in the past that as a teenager, she struggled with bulimia. And she opened up to her daughters about her struggle, too.

Duggar Fans Can’t Get Over How Similar Joy And Jessa Look

Yes, I'm going to go ahead and say it's possible: even the Duggars, of all people, are capable of being sexy. The girls in the massive family are actually quite attractive when you take away the outfits that would normally belong to an year-old woman but unfortunately, you'll never see them with any clothing taken away, old lady clothing or otherwise. There's no doubt that the Duggar daughters who have grown into young women -- Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna -- are very beautiful girls. Their lifestyle choices, wacko family members, and clothing often do well to hide that fact, but it's true. The five Duggar girls who are over the age of 18, as well as their so-called "rebel Duggar" cousin, Amy, are quite easy on the eyes, and while there are no photos of them to be found that will make your jaw drop, the following 15 are surprisingly hot, in their own ways, and I can promise you that as far as the Duggar family goes, these are the hottest you're going to find. So look no further. If you, for whatever reason, fancy these girls, are morbidly curious as to how they could ever be viewed as "hot", or are just plain bored, check out this list -- the best there is when it comes to hot Duggars. Trust me. Jessa Lauren Duggar Seewald, age 24, is arguably the prettiest Duggar daughter, and she doesn't seem to disagree. I'm not gonna lie; she is really pretty, and she has total princess hair.

Take a Tour of All the Houses (and Apartments) the Duggars Call Home

The structure was built in with help from friends and family and took a year and a half to complete. Over the years, the house has undergone several renovations, additions and makeovers to make it into the gigantic McMansion it is today. The large square feet Arkansas home was custom built with the help of family and friends. The Duggars officially moved in in

Most fans agree that you can tell all of the kids are related. And, of course, some of them look similar to Michelle or Jim Bob.

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Is Every Duggar Ridiculously Messy? The ‘Counting On’ Kids’ Houses Are Making Us Wonder

Even huge fans might not be able to keep all of the Duggar kids straight. With 19 kids in the family, some who now have kids of their own, we can't blame you if you don't have all of their names memorized. Making it even more confusing is the fact that all the kids in the family have names starting with the letter J! To keep things easy, we're going to focus on the girls of the main Duggar clan.

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From what we can tell, the Duggar kids who are raising kids of their own can be pretty messy. We get it. Then again, there was usually a dozen children who could all chip in and split the work — and most of the Duggar grandkids are too young to be of any real help just yet. Having laundry piles everywhere is a serious fire hazard — and toys constantly scattered around the room puts everyone at risk of tripping, especially the little ones. All it takes is a couple extra minutes every day to clean up as you go to avoid any risky situations. Gotta love how Jill proudly showed their room off on Instagram with the hashtag messyroom.

The stunning transformation of the Duggar sisters

In fact, it almost seems like she knows how to take good selfies more than anything else. Jessa sure loves looking at her reflection. Yet is she really the best-looking daughter in the Duggar household? Yes, she is photogenic, yes, she has a wonderful smile and yes, the camera loves her, but as we all know beauty is skin deep. It takes more than just a perfect face for someone to call you beautiful. And with Jessa, a lot of fans know that she might not be telling the truth about who she really is and what she does behind closed doors.

Feb 17, - And things aren't much better at Josh Duggar's home with Anna Duggar (née Keller), either. Jessa had dirty diapers laying around the house. Look, we're sure we'd get tired of changing all those diapers too, but the trash.


‘Counting On’ Fans Think Jinger Duggar Struggled With This Disease Growing Up


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