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What episode does killua get a girlfriend

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Hunter X hunter Gon meets his Dad

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Your IP address will be recorded. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Share Flag Next. I don't know if and how this is related to the radio shows, or whether it is just a stand-alone drama CD But it's actually divided into three 'episodes' of about 20 minutes each, and the episodes consist of multiple little segments. So if I translate piece by piece, I'm sure I can do this.

Usually it takes about an hour to translate 5 minutes worth of material So one hour would take I don't even want to think about that And again, English is not my native language, so if my translations sound stiff or unnatural to you, that's probably why. I have no idea how native English speakers actually talk. Leorio: Do your best, Gon! Just a little bit more! Gon: Ah, it's no good Leorio: So close!! You almost had it! Kurapika: Gon, don't overdo it.

Your broken left arm still hasn't completely healed, has it? How about taking a break for a while? Gon: Yeah, you're right, Kurapika.

Leorio: That's right, even with training, breaks are needed sometimes. So I'm going shopping in the town for a bit. Kurapika: Come back quickly, ok? Don't take any detours. And don't buy any snacks.

Don't go with strange people! Leorio: I know that! Are you my mom or something!? Gon: Even though we just came to see our friend Why do we have to go through all this? Having us work so hard just to open the door I would've never thought that! Kurapika: Indeed, they're such a mysterious household, the Zaoldyeck family. Gon: The assassin family living on Kukuruu mountain Kurapika: the legendary assassin family that no one has ever seen.

It's said that even a photo of them would have a price of nearly one hundred million. Gon: What in the world is going on behind this gate? Darling, I said!! Silva: Don't say anything. I'm sure he'll return one day Because he is my son Kikyou: What are you saying? If it's about Killu, he came back quite a while ago! What are you doing, hugging your pillow and drooling, don't be half asleep!

Silva: Huh? Kikyou: There there, it's morning! Time to wake up! Good morning dear. Kikyou: What do you mean, "good morning", I'm busy, so please wake up properly! Silva: Sorry Hisoka: Good morning everyone! I bring you this morning's news. First, the weather forecast. This morning, it's fine weather in the entire Padokia kingdom, but in the afternoon it will become cloudy, and in some places it might rain blood Just kidding.

I'm so busy that I might get dizzy! Silva: Hey dear, can you get the newspaper? Kikyou: Geez, even though I said that I'm busy! Such a troublesome person It's right there, isn't it! Silva: Sorry Kikyou: Milluki! Milluki: It's food, it's food Killua: Thanks for the food! Kikyou: Wait, Killua! Did you wash your hands? Such bad manners Look at your mother's face! Killua: It's wrapped in bandages so I can't see it. Kikyou: Killu! Did you say anything?

Killua: No, not really. Zeno: Good morning. It's such a fine morning today. Killua: Good morning, grandpa Zeno! Zeno: Huh, Kikyou? Is there no breakfast for me? Kikyou: Oh my, Father, you woke up early this morning and already ate, didn't you? Zeno: Was that so? I don't remember that, but Kikyou: Oh Father, you're already going senile I really don't remember it.

Silva: Dear, the newspaper isn't here Kikyou: What are you saying darling, it's right there! Here, it's this! Silva: No, I'm not looking for the economic newspaper, but the sports newspaper Kikyou: There's perverted stuff in there so you can't look at it. It's not good for the children's upbringing. Silva: No way! I'm always looking forward to reading it on the train.

Kikyou: Did you say anything? Silva: no Killua: What are you doing, Milluki! That's my plate! Don't snatch it, you fatty! Milluki: Hey, Killu! How dare you say that to your older brother! Killua: Are you picking a fight? I'll tear your belly open and pull out your guts! Milluki: Try it if you can! Then I'll put a time bomb in your pillow and blow away half of that tiny brain of yours.

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Check out our editors' picks to get the lowdown on the movies and shows we're looking forward to this month. Browse our picks. Gon and Killua return to meet Palm, prepared to face her fury upon failing to fulfill their promise, but she decides to forgive them when Gon accepts her request to have a date with her.

Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Did Hisoka ask Illumi to have sex with Killua..

Hunter x Hunter

If there is some questions about me and my story or an idea also asking on which story you want me to continue, you can leave a review or PM me. In my fic, there would be some of my OC's are inside the fic. Facts: He is calm and a genius in almost everything assassination and nen included except for his Zaoldyeck bloodlust which makes the rest of the Zaoldyecks in the estate trying to make him the next heir of the Zaoldyeck family one of the reasons is because of his bloodlust but he is clueless about adult stuff or love, so he is super dense. He respect his father and easily gets bullied by Killia, despite he is much more stronger than her. He would go to the Zaoldyeck's Estate for training and doing the job to prove the result of his training. Facts: She loves money and bullied her brother, physically or mentally. She is not a genius but familiar with love and adult stuff, she loves her mother so much and she always tried to find a chance to make her parents have their own time together which makes Killua happy. She only learn basic four principles of nen and didn't participate in assassination.

Hunter x Hunter Scenarios

Related Searches. Why does Killua change his clothes every ep? You can't make an omelette without crushing dozens of eggs beneath your steel boot and then publicly disemboweling the chickens that laid them as a warning. Is Gon's voice actor a guy or girl?

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(spoilers) HxH, When does Gon or Killua become "good"?

I just want to be a kid. Hanging out, doing stuff with Gon. That's it.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Killua Stalks Gon and Palm On Their Date

Your arm had gotten broken when you joined Machi, Feitan, and Phinks on a heist Chrollo assigned. Unfortunately, a guard trapped you by grabbing you and throwing you harshly against the wall. Your arm tried to safe your back from the impact, but that caused a bone in your forearm to snap. After returning to the hideout, Machi treated your injury to the best of her ability. After that, you just needed to to keep your arm wrapped up for a few weeks. Seeing as he was the one to assign the mission, Chrollo felt awful.

Hunter x Hunter Drama CD - Next Episode scene 1: Zaoldyeck special (Part 1/3 )

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You believe you have the power to defeat the evil pirates once and for all, but in You can come back here when you're through episode two.) Koibito, the word that's rendered in the subtitles as “girlfriend,” is in fact gender-neutral in Japanese. But watch Killua: He doesn't react to Gon's first sentence at all, but at the.

But who was the mastermind in charge of changing the characters? Hunter X Hunter: Hormone Cookies - Chapter 1 Prologue: Greed Island is known to many hobbyists and collectors around the world as the rarest video game in existence. Finding an existing copy is next to impossible for the average person. For those with the means to locate them, having the funds to actually procure a copy is another hurdle an even fewer amount of people can surmount. The game can only be properly activated by using the human internal energy known as Nen.

HxH:Wild Gon/Princess Killua/Hisoka the Dancer

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Gon is the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter who sets out on his adventure to become a Hunter and find his father, Ging, in the process. Setting out of Whale Island at the age of 11, Gon aimed to pass the Hunter Exam and met lots of people along the way, which is what makes the series so incredible to watch. As expected of a genius such as Gon, he quickly passed the Hunter exam and got progressively stronger with each passing arc. However, Gon is still far from a seasoned Hunter in terms of skills and therefore, there are lots of characters who are still stronger than him.





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