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I am a Libra in love with a Virgo man. We have such a strong connection. I thought everything was going great, until he turned around and said that we lived too far apart 1. I am so upset because things were so good and fantastic between us, but he said it was too difficult being so far apart.


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Libra women/Virgo men

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By azeru — December 29, am — 14 replies. Is there any Libra woman and Virgo Man in a relationship or marriage it? How was it? I am more interested in the relationship that works well.

My hubby Virgo and I Libra are really awesome together. We never had a big fight. We did argue in a conversational way but never fight. So I would love yo know other who has positive experience like us. Tell me your stories!!

Posted by azeru Is there any Libra woman and Virgo Man in a relationship or marriage it? A Virgo man??? All I've gotta say is zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzz booooooring! Also if he's got a moon in Leo he can be very annoying I'm just going by from what I've heard of my cousin's gf. She said he was this and that blah blah. He has moon in Virgo and I have moon in Scorpio.. He has Venus in Leo and I with Libra.. I am really not good in checking compatibility of each moon, venus and mars..

I fell in love with another virgo before, and yes his constructive criticism can really hurt me but my husband i can really handle. He is criticized more to himself and to his work relation than to me. He also appreciate me a lot!

Pardon me with my grammar! English is my second language. But for a year and a half we are doing fine. We are giving each other space and privacy. He always complements me and expresses his emotions very open. Even tells me he loves me everyday and act like we are kids together sometimes. We also love cuddle time!

I don't spend much money because i am a bit thrifty but he is way more worst though, lol. I am not clingy so he appreciates that for sure. I know he sees my flaws being a Libra but he is not bothered by it so far. I am the one who is bothered of him being pessimist and worries too much but i tried to understand that this is what he is specially that he is a scientist. Over analyzing things makes me wonder if we will be together in love until we grow old and die! There is a part of me which is a bit afraid and a part of me being hopeful.

I really want our marriage to work out and he believes in it despite of our differences and we also have a lot in common!

I like this topic Always nice to see people working at stuff together. Posted by Damnata I like this topic Always nice to see people working at stuff together. I love libras I think it extends to all boys when they're young. I won't deny the boring. I tend to stay inside my head most of the time, partly because people find it hard to accept what I have to say.

Not because it's critical, but it's usually something else people don't want to hear. Posted by virgowithasoul I love libras Yes Libra are very sensitive with criticism but once you meet a mature Libra and sees it is a constructive criticism then that will not be an issue. I met a Virgo man before that really loves to point out my flaws because he said there is always a room for improvement.

Even him wants me to tell him what he needs to improve. It does not bother me since i already know how Virgo are. Though i can't deny there are times i get hurt, nothing huge though. Maybe if it is excessive then it can be an issue. What i love about Virgo is that they are not boring to converse with. Topic may be boring with the first Virgo man i dated Politics but it was still interesting. Also I love how they can be serious most of the time yet know how to enjoy and be silly sometimes.

Once you get their trust it is like opening a box full of surprises! Also i love the intelligence Virgo men and women. Smart is sexy! Be the change you wish to see in the DXP world. Sorry will be long but I really want to tell you all about our relationship dynamic..

I have never in my life been happier than i am w my Virgo husband! Incredible husband and father. Response to your concern about longterm happiness.. I've done several compatibility charts and one thing that's been repeated is that if my husb and I could get past our initial differences then our relationship would prove to be rock solid.

It's been true for us. The beginning was challenging but we grow closer and our bond deeper and stronger everyday. We've just needed to learn to understand eachother and luckily we are liking what we find deep inside. I kind of have to drag his opinons out of him sometimes, it's like pulling teeth! I have an odd appreciation for constructive criticism.. He is only slightly more critical than i myself am. I tend to be more accepting of people's flaws and he tends to more naturally embrace other's oddities.

We have lots of fun together and laugh a lot. Being serious comes easy as well and we both need quiet relaxation. Conversation is interesting, easy and satisfying. I love that he is more intelligent than me. Previous relationships that the guy was either my intellectual equal or less I found highly unsatisfying. We are almost equally pessimistic and optimistic with me being just slightly more optimistic.. He does so much worrying that I counteract it w extra positivity, but only when it's reasonable.

I don't care for ignorant optimism. He is very helpful w our child, lots of playtime, reads bedtime story, helps w feeding, and when baby has been sick. His domestic skills are not as detailed and perfect as I prefer but he is far more diligent than I am.

In fact, I am the perfectionist, to a fault. He focuses on getting butter done and I focus on the details, our approaches balance eachother perfectly. In fact, this aspect is another that pushes me to be better. I have a definite Libra lazy streak. I'd rather daydream and think all day then do housework if it wont be perfect.. He cooks more than me but cooking more is my new year resolution. I truly believe we make eachother better people. I used to have a lot of anger issues was such a cookiemonster and as soon as we started dating my anger just cooled..

My guess is because my Gem Moon is so satisfied. Since I'm Lib I have to also say what isn't great.. When I start talking on a tangent and he finds boring or superfluous it irritates him. When he talks about something boring I simply tune out. We're both intellectually snobbish so the understanding is mutual, we don't get offended, we just simply move on.

The sex is fantastic every time.. I think my Venus Scorpio tends to reserve my desires.. It's been an intellectual battle of sorts. He's had to learn to have more confidence and I've had to learn to be more outward w my desires. Like i said before, we make eachother better and grow. I love that. Posted by duchesslibro We are almost equally pessimistic and optimistic with me being just slightly more optimistic.. I can relate to this too!

Libra Woman Is In Love With Virgo Man

By sikkario — November 26, am — 9 replies. I am a Virgo Man with a Libra Woman. We've had the most incredible love since we met. She is a divorced 29 year old Kindergarten Teacher with a daughter, and I am a 25 year old grad student with ambitions of starting a business.

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Virgo and Libra compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Virgo man guide and Libra woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.

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Virgo man and Libra woman

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. I've ready several articles regarding the Libra Woman and Virgo Man. Basically three quarters of them say to run. Look the other way. NO WAY this combination will work.

Libra(woman) and Virgo(Man) Relationship.

I am a Libra in search of understanding Can anyone speak to how this pairing would be? Yes, I met a new guy MzDiana I guess you and I go in the same order

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By azeru — December 29, am — 14 replies. Is there any Libra woman and Virgo Man in a relationship or marriage it? How was it?

Libra woman and Virgo man

Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Hi, I am a Libra woman who is so much in love with that Virgo guy.

Please note that I have a full guide to the Virgo man which includes the most common questions about them. I recommend reading that first if you haven't already done so. I also have many articles on topics related to Virgo men which include common questions and answers:. Close Help. Your comment will appear exactly the way you enter it here, and be given its own link from this page.

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My first love is a Virgo, didn't marry him for all the reasons listed as to how Virgo men are. I hate to admit it but I must, Virgo men are everything  Apr 27, - 7 posts - ‎6 authors.


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