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Twin boy and girl toddler room ideas

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When it comes to dreaming up creative kids' room ideas, the goals may vary: You might want more toy storage , better organization, to encourage a favorite hobby, facilitate homework, or just to dress up a drab space. These bedroom ideas for kids show that any space has the potential to transform thanks to affordable decor, furnishings, paint, and — most importantly — creativity. Whether your aesthetic is fanciful and bold or simply serene, for rooms that kids will cherish and grownups can enjoy, too consider these boy room ideas and girl room ideas that will utterly transform any space and wow the younger set. Plus, don't forget to check out more of our favorite design ideas for teen bedrooms and master bedrooms.

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Even if they're similar, you can incorporate both of your twins' tastes into the same bedroom. Decorating a room for boy and girl twins can be a bit difficult, no matter how similar their personalities may be. Empty the room of everything, including toys, furniture and books. Remove any receptacle covers with a screwdriver, and turn off the circuit breaker to the room for safety.

Tape off any molding, baseboards, trim around windows or other areas that you want to protect. Lay a drop cloth on the floor. Apply two to three coats of a gender-neutral paint, such as white, beige, light green, yellow, or even brighter colors such as red or orange. Wait for each coat to dry before applying another. When the last coat is dry, remove the drop cloth and painter's tape. Install child-safe window treatments to the windows if you have young twins.

You can keep it neutral with gray, white or beige colors, or you can inject some color into the space with brighter options, such as red, orange or green. Measure about 1 inch outside either side of the window and mark this point. Hold the bracket on the wall at the mark, and mark the screw holes for the bracket with a pencil.

Drill pilot holes into each one, then secure the brackets to the wall with the screws provided. Install the blind and snap on the covers for the ends, or hang curtains on a rod and place the rod on the brackets. Repeat this with each window. Discuss themes with both children. Instead, find something they both love, and install artwork or paint a mural on one wall that matches this theme. Gender-neutral ideas include Dr.

Seuss themes, nature motifs such as a jungle, forest or beach, or simply bright child-friendly colors. Using two themes while keeping the color scheme and furniture the same can allow ninjas and princesses or other opposing design elements to work together. For example, you can take elements from each child's favorite books, then use a library theme in the rest of the room to tie the two stories together, no matter how different they are.

Everything doesn't have to match as long as the main pieces -- such as storage, furniture choices and basic colors -- are complementary. Purchase two matching sets of furniture in a color of your choice and place them in the room. While you can easily customize certain sections of the room for each child, keeping all of the furniture the same will give the space a sense of continuity and flow, even if there are gender-specific design elements. Decide on bedding for each child. If your twins have the same favorite cartoon or book character, bedding that matches this preference can be used on both beds.

Install neutral-colored storage areas for each child. In most cases, their toys will provide a boy or girl vibe, so choosing a feminine color for one twin's storage and a masculine color for the other is unnecessary. You can also set up a common area for shared toys, or simply dedicate one area of the room for all storage. The decision will depend on how much your twins have in common, and how much time they spend playing together. You can use cubes, bookcases, bins or a combination of all three for storage.

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Home Guides Home Home Improvement Home Decor Even if they're similar, you can incorporate both of your twins' tastes into the same bedroom.

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Twins and a Toddler Shared Room

What did your room look like when you were a kid? We're guessing not exactly like these colorful, creative, and undeniably cool spaces. The bedrooms of these uber stylish children are lessons in judicious editing, inspired ideas, and damn good taste. Looking for something more specific?

By sticking to a defined colour palette, this white room has been transformed with a few whimsy touches, like the bunting flags and vibrant wall hanging. Separating the single bed and cot with a key piece of furniture is a brilliant way to divide the room while tying all the individual elements together nicely. With the clever placement of furniture, this boys bedroom easily accommodates both boys for sleep and play.

Moms and Dads are having fun combining design elements for both kids in, typically, gender-neutral palettes. Almost any color pairs well with natural wood, which is why our natural finish is by far the most popular selection for unisex rooms. Here's Alexie and her kiddos:. At age 4, her son, Hudson, was ready for a slightly bigger bed than his previous true toddler bed size.

Room Reveal: Boy and Girl Shared Kids Room with Gender Neutral Decor

Colorful accents and sophisticated antique finds do have a place in your child's room—right next to their favorite toys. The cozy nook ensures there's plenty of free floor space for playtime. The playful pattern works now, and could easily transition if the space became an office or guest room down the road. Blogger Vanessa Pleasants used materials you can find at any hardware story: a painter's drop cloth, a wooden dowel, and thick manila rope. Sticking with the white theme of her Montana home , she used bright bursts of color to give her son's room extra character. The owner of this Tennessee home held onto this four-poster twin bed for years before she even had her son, who is now 4, but she always saw its potential inside a little boy's room. The gray-green shade she painted the frame contrasts nicely with the white walls. Many pieces in this boy's room have been in the family a long time: Two of the three globes hung in his father's childhood bedroom, while the bed once belonged to his grandfather. His Lego masterpieces are mounted and proudly displayed on the wall, adding to the charm of this 19th-century California farmhouse.

Sharing Kids Room Ideas

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Traditional bunk-beds are the obvious space-saver.

Even if they're similar, you can incorporate both of your twins' tastes into the same bedroom. Decorating a room for boy and girl twins can be a bit difficult, no matter how similar their personalities may be. Empty the room of everything, including toys, furniture and books.

How to Decorate a Twin Boy-Girl Bedroom

The mission here was to take this room from drab to fab! The family had moved from the city not long before and are currently renting a house in the suburbs. So, the task was to take a set of nursery furniture and "toddlerize" it without spending a lot of money.

Each bassinet has special touches to make it distinctly male and female. Don't forget to remove everything out of the cribs before you put your babies in them. A simple white bookcase in Zajfen's nursery is a great place for the brilliant spines of baby books. She used blocks to spell out a personalized sign at the top. This corner is filled with natural light, and the flowers add a colorful touch.

Room for two: 19 beautiful baby and toddler shared bedrooms

Feeling overwhelmed? Take some tips from these clever parents and designers! Bunk beds have long been the go-to solution for making the most out of a shared space, but these easy-to-recreate built-in bunks spotted on The Project Girl offer a fresh take on the bulky, old-fashioned variety, boasting clean lines, a slim frame, and no-fuss modern appeal. Love the look? Build your own! Want to make your own? Hit your local thrift store! Simply paint your thrifted frames in a single unifying color, and string picture wire across the back.

Sep 14, - Country Living shares our favorite ideas for decorating a kids bedroom. In the same home, the hand-me-down trend continues into the girls' room, where one of the in this children's bedroom in Mike Wolfe's vintage-decorated home. separated an Ikea bunk-bed set into twins in this boys' bedroom.

Two years ago we were so excited when we bought our current house. It was so much more space than our first house , we loved the location and thought it would be just perfect and I was 8. Our house has three bedrooms: two bedrooms upstairs and the master bedroom on the main floor of the house.

Twin Nursery Ideas


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