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The wife contract and my daughters nanny baka

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The series was first aired in China on 17 November Gengyao's younger sister, Consort Hua, serves as a concubine to the Emperor and wins his favor among the women in his harem. The Empress tolerates her rival in most things, allowing her to act in ways that would normally be seen as disrespectful in the actions of a normal concubine. The Empress installs a maid, Fuzi, into Consort Hua's household to keep an eye on her rival. However, Consort Hua is on to the Empress' plan.

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MaruMA:SideStory01:Chapter 2

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Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. This section is for roleplays only. Please remember to credit artists when using works not your own. Forums Roleplays Extra Pages. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Kazu Start date Mar 11, Kazu The Forgettor.

Character Format Hey guys, sorry for the late post! Good luck to all those who wish to be Class Rep, and remember, first come, first serve. Appearance: Personality: Minimum 2 paragraphs! Students in Classes A and B need to have 5, with a required low stamina as one of the weaknesses Avatar appearance: Avatar weapon: Subject s student excel in: Subjects student does poorly in: Students in Class F need 2!

Skills: Maximum of 3 Bio: Minimum of 3 paragraphs Feel free to add extra info! Eclypse Possible classes: Ask me! Last edited: Mar 29, Lettuce You faker than some Sweet 'N Low. Last edited: Apr 16, Eclypse Stressed, Depressed, Lemon Zest. Aurel Kimiko Xueli Entity. Eclypse Aurel Cosma.

Personality: Aurel is a very strong man, not just to the extent that he could physically rip the school in half using just brute force. But also in the fact that he is mentally strong to the point he can control himself excessively well, that doesn't stop him from going up and beyond to strike fear into the hearts of the students. It's a mutual relationship, they don't to come to his office..

He's also quite the tough person, with the ability to tell if you're just lying to him in order to get him off your back. If you do lie to him and don't admit to it.. Despite that rather.. Going out of his way to help a student if they come to him rather than being sent from a class battle, with his fellow faculty he tries to be nice despite having a bit of a clashing ideal with certain occasions.

His heart is bigger than some give him credit for but, he just wants the best for his students, and due to his time spent under the same crueler treatment in growing up he believes that sometimes tough-love is the best remedy for ignorance. Very Composed. Aurel was born into a family of six children, he was the youngest Growing up in a rather small apartment his family made way by growing their aid from the country, but eventually his parents were seized as unfit to care for them and they were taken away by the country.

He went through school with exceptional grades, so much so that he had been offered a full ride at multiple colleges and even managed to take two of his high-school years to do college classes alone. He had wanted to be an instructor at one of the big name colleges since they always brought in allot of money and he wanted to be known for teaching others how to better themselves. But then his buddy rounded him into joining the military and four years of his life were sucked away from him by the war-zone, his friend Kyle had perished in their first deployment and it haunted Aurel for awhile.

He was dispatched afterwards and had already come to terms with it, from there the twenty-two year old man had no clue what to do with his life. He couldn't be a professor and his time had been served in the military, as one of the best assassins that they ever had on the Romanian military and arguably in the world. That's when he came to hear about some school that was looking for a counselor, he figured he'd been through enough to help some kids out so he joined them with a cheerful personality.

Then after his first month he had become much Grim" or even "The Ironman". He came to like the names that he was given and lived by them to an extent. Now after he had a year of this under his belt the following would get the same treatment, and oh how he savored seeing them tremble in terror.

Kimiko Yumi. Personality: Kimiko's personalities work in an odd way, this being because she has two rather than one. They of course share traits but hold differences all the same.

This is due to her Dissociate Identity Disorder. So to an extent it could be assumed that she has two sides to her, each taking control over her at times without her holding the knowledge of what the other half as done.

The first half is the one who is shown the most, This is her Yang half. Typically she has been seen as an upbeat kind of girl, acting lively and keeping a happier aura around her.

Along with this she is a rather sympathetic person. Which is shown countless times again to people when she runs across someone who is going through struggles or difficulties. She became the class representative because of this personality, mainly because she is extremely dependable and helpful towards her classmates. The second half is her negative side, This is her Yin half. On the contrary to her other half she is very harsh towards people.

Typically seeing them as lesser than human and notating herself as a higher-being to some extent. All the same she is very bold and holds a daring aspect to her, of course this side comes out less so it has yet to fully show itself. Secretive as she may be she doesn't attempt to hide anything, instead she doesn't hold much delicacy with her words and is very sharp with what she says, which could just be linked to her rebellious spite.

Kimiko grew up in Japan within a rather normal family, her time being spent with her mother and father as they were around. Though more often than not she was alone, or sitting in a room with a woman.

This woman of course was her psychologist, the one who diagnosed her with her oddity, Her parents had been expecting it in all honesty. It explained why she never could make friends in primary school Elementary , she would be one way at a moment and then in the blink of an eye entirely different.

Her family loved her dearly, so much so that they didn't worry her with the concerns they had with her. Soon her father had come to the point in his career where he was rather well off, her mother stayed home and tended to housework and such. But this didn't last long as her father fell ill two months later, following a pattern with two-more years her father passed away.

Her mother had to go over-seas with her family in Canada. But it wasn't all bad, she managed to take control over her personalities and actually forge meaningful relationships with people. Now she enters into the next year of her life and intends to make the most of it, Though she has noticed that recently she has foggy memory occasionally or even managing to forget sections all together. Regardless she believes that there is undoubtedly a way to keep them under wraps.

Her other side however comes out more when there are stress factors or sometimes on random occasion. I merely broke your heart.. Her skin remains as an almost ghostly white color, which may be the reason as to why she carries a Japanese style umbrella to shade herself.

Her eyes hold a sharpness to them which pass judgment to all they manage to spot out. Typically her mid-back-length black hair is kept tied up in a bun, beyond this she doesn't wear too much make-up typically. Just around her eyes to really make the red coloration pop. Xueli is the representation of wealth. She holds quite a bit of arrogance, likely due to her upbringing. School to her is fairly pointless so she doesn't really put much effort or time towards it, which explains how she got into class B, rather she sees schooling as a whole to be a trivial a waste of her time.

Despite her unkindly views on most things, she can be compassionate towards people. Even showing a gentler side on occasion though not fully releasing her hold on the crueler side of her.

Honor and pride hold an importance to her, so much so that she decides to go after her own goals and doesn't allow for others to sully her honor. Harshness aside however she can come to be competitive and holds a charisma to her, the kind of charisma that makes people want to trust and follow. Yet her mysterious nature holds them back.

Of course she is just a teenager, so she still has time to develop more of a personality as she goes. The question is who will she become? Xueli was born to a single mother who had gotten with a man who was more than she realized, her frail mother knew she couldn't take care of the child alone and soon came to bring the young child to her fathers home.

An hour later the young Xueli was cradled by the lap of luxury, her mother as well had been brought along with her. As she grew she began to know money brought power and with such she could do as she wished with whatever she wanted, Or as some would put it. She became a "Spoiled brat". Her parents however denied such and said she was just a blessed child, which was true in almost all departments of her being.

At this point she had been realizing how lonely she was in school, so she stayed alone and denied social interaction for a few years. She'd stay in her room and play with her stuffed bear, that was until her weird uncle came over and her mother tried to shoo him out.

But he had dropped a book and Xueli lifted it before stowing off to her room once more. This is when she had managed to learn about the Occult, dark dresses became more of her thing compared to the brighter colors. About the time she entered middle school her father had to move as their business was better elsewhere and he needed to be closer to the major corporation..

Soon she had come to realize the cruelty of peoples gazes so she became hard and reflected those gazes back to them, in a matter of no time most of the other students in London disliked her.

My Demon Tyrant and Sweet Baby

I beg thee also, O Prince Beelzebuth, to protect me in my undertaking. O Count Astarot! Historical records strongly suggest that the Templars used the Five-Pointed Star to symbolize the Greater Kabbalistic Mysteries because of their intimate association with Oriental Wisdom. This rather misleading term is still a very important part of the western mystery tradition. One should never take the secret agenda of the O.

It has been super long time since my last time C-novel talk. Just pick any that you like.

If she were a kid who only ate with her parents, she would definitely never step into this restaurant in her entire life. The woman wearing a silk cheongsam with beautiful embroidery is bringing some steaming hot bowls on a tray over to her. The long-tailed animal sewn with gold thread is apparently a bid of paradise. I say, April, does it have anything to do with that man of mine?

My 1st Impression: My Demon Tyrant and Sweet Baby (爹地给钱,妈咪借你生娃)

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Liber Baka 303

In anime and manga, a comedy-relief character who is intended to be perceived as a foil for the protagonist will almost always be an idiot, may enjoy drinking and fighting, be incredibly cheap yet always broke , and will almost always speak with a Kansai Regional Accent instantly recognizable to native speakers of Japanese. In anime it is not merely a trope but a cliche. Truth in Television in the sense that it is a Real Life stereotype. Usually, when someone from Kansai comes to Tokyo, he adopts a Tokyo accent. Someone who insists on speaking Kansai in Tokyo will be looked at as if he were some sort of idiot.

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During the year, they paid a nanny $20, to care for their three children. Divya, age 5, has no income. What is the maximum deduction for child care costs for this family? B. $19, C. Aaron, aged 65 and Abbie, aged 63 are married. payments must be made pursuant to a separation of the.








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