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Man wants to make you happy

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As a woman, you probably know exactly what you want to hear from your partner. Certain compliments and phrases just never get old—no matter how many times he says them. But you've also likely noticed that the sweet nothings that make you feel amazing don't generally have the same effect when directed at your S. Sure, guys like hearing that you love them and care deeply about them, but if you really want your words to hit home, you have to do some work to get inside his head. Instead of guessing at what might make your guy happy, take this expert-approved and science-backed advice on what he'll never tire of hearing from you.

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He Wants To Make You Happy But You’ve Got To Tell Him How!

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Presumably, you want to know the answer to that question because you want a happy relationship. But more than that, you want a naturally happy relationship. I could give you a list of actions you could do that would make a man happy… lots of articles have those. As you can see, most of those articles tell you to put yourself second, and do things for him in order to make him happy. Unfortunately, most of these lists online offer cheap band aids to use over deeper problems in the relationship.

Even worse, women who read these lists online and think that they have to do things for him in order to keep him happy and interested wind up getting trapped in a vicious cycle.

He winds up pulling away more and more… because he knows that she will keep doing whatever it takes to get him to stick around. She rightfully feels more and more resentful, which makes him pull away more and more, which eventually causes the relationship to collapse. Worst case scenario — your relationship enters a death spiral that becomes harder and harder to get out of.

He just wakes up and is happy to be there, happy to be in a relationship with you and happy to wake up next to you. And I can tell you the way to get there is not to look up a list of ways to make him happy online and start picking things off the list.

The truth is, both people in a great relationship are happy before they get into the relationship. The relationship is icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Rather, he knows that when he is his natural, normal, relaxed self — his true self without the mask that he puts on for other people and the outside world — that person that he truly is makes you genuinely happy. Not for who he is at work, or with his friends. If he can be his true, authentic, natural self around you —and you accept that person and rejoice in that person and that person makes you happy — then you will make him happier than any relationship has ever made him.

How do you make a relationship where both people naturally make each other truly happy and accept each other for who they truly are? Most of the relationship questions that I get where the woman is suffering through the most heartbreak are relationships between incompatible people. The women who come to me in the most pain are the women trying to make an incompatible match work, who are trying day and night to fit a square peg into a round hole.

That way only leads to disaster and heartbreak. Good relationships are supposed to be effortless. Remember, if you want a relationship that lasts, you have to be truly compatible with your partner.

And he makes you happy simply by being himself. I hope this article helps you make your man happy. Is He Slipping Away? Take the Quiz. Tagged as: dating advice , how to keep him , how to make him happy , relationship advice , understanding men , what makes men happy , why relationships last. Take the lead and be adventurous in the bedroom..

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7 Ways You Can Have A Happier Relationship Right Away

Every man wants to make his wife or female partner happy. You know what that giving up looks like—shutting down, ignoring you, checking out with his computer or phone. Do you ever criticize him for not doing something the way you would have done it?

Presumably, you want to know the answer to that question because you want a happy relationship. But more than that, you want a naturally happy relationship. I could give you a list of actions you could do that would make a man happy… lots of articles have those.

Let me count the ways:. Of course, neither do you. It just seems so much more nefarious when a guy says it. This is one of my favorites. Example: every client I have complains that men text too much.

What Really Makes A Man Happy?

Men love to make us happy. If they love us, that is their number one goal. Make us happy. They feel "pound their chest" good about themselves. They see it as doing their job as a boyfriend — a job well done if they have provided that happiness for you. I have known about his "happy" knowledge for several years and kept it in mind during my current relationship. I let him know what makes me happy so he can provide me with those things.

Men really want to make their women happy

He expresses himself freely, talks about the future, and tells you how much you mean to him. Keep going. The guy you like can sit for hours and hours talking with you. He wants to know everything about you.

Women are natural givers.

Men tell me all the time that they want to make their wife or girlfriend happy, but they need them to tell them how. And heaven help them if they guess wrong. She takes this most precious gift that a man wants to offer her—a desire to make her happy—then dishonors it by making him bad and wrong for not having the gift of psychic reading.

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Apr 19, - I think it's nice if a guy tells you he wants to make you happy. But if he tells you he wants you? Exactly what does that mean? He didn't say he loves you. There is  What does it mean when a guy says “he wants you to be.


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What Makes Him Want To Make YOU Happy






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