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How to look for older posts in facebook

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Notifications on Facebook comprise a comprehensive picture of your interaction with other users on the site. Facebook displays alerts for your unread notifications, but if you want to re-read older notifications, there is no way for you to search your own older content as of January However, you can still look for older notifications on the website through your Facebook notifications page, or you can search your older posts on your Timeline to view notifications for a specific older post. Log in to your Facebook account and click the Notifications icon in the main menu. The icon resembles a graphic of a globe in silhouette, and may display a number, indicating the number of notifications you currently have. Scroll through the notifications to view older ones.

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At Last: You Can Now Search Your Old Facebook Posts

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How do I get them all back? All your previously posted material is still there, but you have to find the menu option to display it. To find the missing stories, start scrolling down your Timeline page. If you do not want to spend a lot of time scrolling, you can also jump to a more specific point in your Timeline by clicking the month or year on the vertical gray list to the right of the Timeline column.

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Those with iOS gadgets can check their own device storage by tapping the Settings icon on the home screen, selecting General and then Usage. Home Page World U.

How to Retrieve a Wall Post on a Facebook Company Page History

Individual posts that are hidden can only be unhidden if the page has not been refreshed. Facebook organizes your wall posts by time and date. The posts appear as a running blog on your profile wall.

If you regularly use your business Facebook page to post status updates, new pictures and other content, older posts will quickly get lost on your page's timeline. If you need to find an older post, you can use Facebook's Activity Log to filter posts by the month, year and type of update. Facebook remembers all of your posts dating back to when you created the page.

Finding old Facebook posts just got a whole lot easier. Facebook updated its search in a big way Monday that allows you to find your or your friends' posts from months or years past. See also: 6 browser extensions to improve your Facebook experience. The feature has already begun rolling out to the iPhone app and desktop. The company hasn't said when it will hit Android but a Google Play update will likely follow.

How to Get to a Certain Date on Facebook Posts

Oh man, I remember Bryan posted a really funny dog video to my Facebook wall, like, last October, but now I can't find it. If only there were some way to search through my old posts. Fear not, disgruntled Facebook user, Facebook is rolling this function out on iOS and the web as we speak. To the right of the search field at the top of the app or website, you can select whether you want to search posts, people, and photos, among other options. Enter a search term you remember from the post like "funny dog" and it'll pull up related results. You can also search without specifying what kind of result you're looking for, and posts will be listed at the bottom of search results with a magnifying glass icon to the left. A few notes: Results aren't displayed in chronological order, so you may have to scroll to find the post you were looking for. And using fewer words just keywords will likely provide better results than a more specific, longer query. This new Graph Search capability is still rolling out to users. When you've got it, you'll get a message below the search field alerting you to the ability to search through posts.

Finding Old Posts on the Facebook Timeline

One of the major changes that the introduction of Timelines brought to Facebook is the ability to jump to previous statuses and conversations on your profile with the click of a button. Timeline implements a sidebar that displays every year in which you have Facebook activity such as message or photo posts or entries for certain life events, such as high school graduation. You can jump to any date shown by using this bar. Click your username, located at the top of any Facebook page, to access your Timeline.

How do I get them all back? All your previously posted material is still there, but you have to find the menu option to display it.

NOTE: As Facebook continually updates their ability to search timeline via the graph search, I continue to test and update this post about fb search capabilities at the bottom, so be sure to read all the way through. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in a comment and I will help where I can. Hey Sean — Can you help me figure out how to find a Facebook post that I posted on my own timeline a few years ago? When Facebook introduced their updated search graph a while back, one of the capabilities was the ability to search for posts from a specific person or even posted by you.

How to Find Previous Facebook Posts Using the Search Feature

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Whenever you post a status update on your Facebook business page, it is stored and displayed on the page's Timeline. If you didn't delete older updates, Facebook stores them indefinitely. However, Facebook can't display all of them on your Timeline. If you need to use an older post from the company page, you can find it easily by searching through the Timeline. Unfortunately, Facebook does not give you the option to use a search tool to search for old wall posts, so you need to do it manually.

How to search for old Facebook posts

A new feature is rolling out now, enabling users to search for specific posts, photos or videos on Facebook. On Monday Facebook announced the rollout of new search feature for iPhone and desktop users of the social network. Built atop its Graph Search product, the new feature will allow users to search for old posts across their account, along with content that's been shared with them from friends and public pages. As of right now, the feature is slowly rolling out to both iPhone and desktop users only. The official announcement made no mention of the added functionality coming to Android, but one would imagine it can't be too far behind.

Click your username, located at the top of any Facebook page, to access your Timeline. Then you must scroll until you find the date and post you seek. Use the right-facing arrow at the bottom of the page to navigate back to older events.

Updated: April 24, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to search all Facebook posts by keyword, and filter them according to the post date. Open Facebook. Click the Search field at the top.

[Solved] Searching Your Own Facebook Timeline For A Specific Post


How to find old Facebook posts






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