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How to get over a breakup with your best friend

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BFF breakups are notoriously brutal. Unlike romantic relationships where you can vent to your bestie for hours over too many mimosas, losing your closest friend can leave you feeling even more hollow and isolated. Getting through it is no easy feat, but it can be done. Eventually, things can get so much better than you'll be weirdly grateful that the breakup happened. I spoke with Dr.

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How to Deal—and Heal—When a Friend Breaks Up With You

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Getting over a breakup with someone you really loved is difficult. But getting over a breakup with someone you considered your best friend is even worse. The question after that isn't how to get over your partner; it's how to get over your best friend. In an OK relationship, you feel like you and your partner are generally on the same page and that the two of you have a good time together.

You probably spend most evenings and weekends together, and you enjoy doing things with each other. In an awesome relationship, though, it's all of those things and even more.

Not only are the two of you generally on the same page, but you are always thinking the exact same things. And all of the time you spend together makes you realize again and again that they are truly your best friend. When one of these awesome relationships ends, it can be very heartbreaking.

You not only have to learn how to get along without your partner, but now, it feels like you've lost your best friend, too. Fear not, though. Here are some tips on dealing with losing your best friend:. OK, not pets, they are awesome breakup buddies. Hanging out with anyone right now is just going to make you want to talk about it, which isn't a good idea until you know exactly how you feel. And anyway, everyone knows the first phase of a breakup is sleeping all the time, eating all the time, and crying all the time.

Give yourself room to let these emotions out before you do anything else. The next thing you can do to help yourself move on from your breakup is — and this is key! After all, you two were friends as well as lovers, so it makes sense that you'd think you can talk about things in a different way.

Resist the urge to be that person who's calling and texting their ex trying to explain to them why they were wrong for ending the relationship.

This one is going to be tough, especially if you are still in the throes of mourning, but consider this: Maybe they weren't your best friend. In an intimate relationship, it's natural to share things with your partner and do things you wouldn't do with other people. On that note, a really important thing you can do to get over the breakup is to hang out with other friends. Now is a great time to reconnect with them and get back to the relationships you once knew and loved.

Your friends might be a little pissed they haven't seen you since you've been attached I mean, oh well , but they'll get over it, and you'll get over your breakup faster with their help.

When you're in a relationship with your best friend, the two of you may start doing everything together. You may adopt each other's hobbies, and you may have even picked up new hobbies together. After the breakup, the worst thing to do is to try doing the things the two of you used to do together by yourself. Instead, sit down and think about the stuff you really liked to do before you were in a relationship with them.

It's likely you have some activities you liked to keep totally to yourself. It could be as simple as journaling, or maybe there was a CrossFit box you liked that your partner was never into. Whatever it was, now is the perfect time to get back into it. While it will be incredibly tempting to stalk your ex on social media, just to, you know, "check in," don't do it. Seeing anything they are doing will throw you back into the worst feelings about your breakup. If they look like they're having a great time and who doesn't on social media?

If they look like they're not happy unlikely , you may be tempted to reach out, which will start the whole cycle over.

Repeat after me: "Nothing good will come from stalking my ex on social media. Whatever else you do, make sure your mutual friends know it's over. It would be pretty awful to finally be feeling good about your breakup after you followed all the tips on this list, of course and then run into mutual friends who ask you about your former flame.

However you do it, let your mutual friends know the two of you are no longer together. Especially in relationships where you were best friends, it's likely the two of you also formed a close friend circle together. Making sure those people know that the ties are cut will be critical to getting over the breakup. Even though it might not feel like it now, though, you will get over this, and you'll soon start to move on.

By Anjali Sareen Nowakowski. Here are some tips on dealing with losing your best friend: 1. Spend Some Time Alone. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

Surviving a Friendship Break Up

Best friends are meant to be forever, right? Men come and go but our girlfriends are the ones we believe will stick by us through thick and thin. So, what happens when things go wrong? Experts say losing our best friend may be even more devastating than breaking up with a beau. They shape who we are and who we are yet to be.

Whether the friendship ended because the two of you gradually grew apart or because one of you hurt the other, you can begin to move on by keeping yourself preoccupied and getting to know new people. It can be really hard to get over losing your best friend. If you need someone to talk to, try talking to your parents, siblings, or another friend.

Maybe it starts with you seeing less of your friend. Or maybe you had a blowout fight and some harsh truths were spoken. Epic arguments or disagreements can dissolve a friendship. One of them may be more self-involved, have less of a need for companionship, or have less time for friends. Shifting from one phase of life to another can impact a friendship.

How to Move on From a Best Friend Breakup

Breaking up with a friend can be just as sad and surprising as a romantic breakup. In addition to the pain of losing a friendship, you may have to see mutual friends who are still talking with your ex-pal, which can make things even more awkward. Here are some healthy ways to survive a breakup. Take some time to process everything before trying to make sense of the situation. Sort your emotions out by recognizing what you feel so you can begin healing. People tend to deny their emotions after a friend breakup, probably because in our culture it seems odd for someone to grieve the loss of a friendship. But go ahead and cry and get it out so you can process it.

7 Ways to Help a Friend Through a Breakup

Do take your time and if you need to grieve for months, then so be it. Moving on is different for everyone. Accept it. Embrace it.

T here is no shortage of songs, movies and television shows depicting the difficulties of breakups with a romantic partner.

Researchers at Manchester University , for example, found that women are often more traumatized by dumping their friends than ending things with a lover. Women, they discovered, tend to feel a sense of shame over releasing a friendship — often blaming themselves for shirking their sense of duty. Though most people try to avoid such painful experiences, friend breakups are sometimes unavoidable.

Why Ending a Friendship Can Be Worse Than a Breakup

TV shows often glamorize our abilities to give relationship advice to close friends. The reality, of course, is less straightforward. Every relationship is different — which means every breakup is, too.

They tear me apart and it takes me months, if not years , to get over them. I give my all to anyone who is in my life and that includes my friends. And when that person is suddenly no longer in my life — for whatever reason — I feel the gaping hole they once filled as an important person to me. I was a theater-geek so of course, I said yes. This was the beginning of an intense friendship, filled with high highs and low lows.

How To Get Over Losing Your Best Friend You Dated

Tracee Dunblazier. They just want to be honest and true to their feelings. Expectations of expensive gifts, engagements, or possibly: they only intended a summer fling that carried on too long. All relationships are negotiated and if you begin with a common understanding of what you both want then you can bypass a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and hard feelings. So, those unwanted holiday break-ups just might be inevitable. If someone you know is working through a break up, here are a five pointers to make the experience a little easier. Read on to see how you can help a friend through a breakup. While in your mind, they may be served well by your expert advice, they may not need or want it.

Here's why friendship breakups can feel worse than romantic ones. Get the latest career, relationship and Sep 24,

I have been broken up with approximately four times in my entire life. Which is great, but just not right for me. My heart felt like it was a sponge, getting squeezed by the hand of someone I was starting to fall madly in love with.

How to cope when a friend breaks up with you

Do you have an ex who was once your best friend? Is your friendship ruined? If you are wondering how to fix your problems, read on. Log in Facebook.

Ways to Survive a Friendship Breakup

Getting over a breakup with someone you really loved is difficult. But getting over a breakup with someone you considered your best friend is even worse. The question after that isn't how to get over your partner; it's how to get over your best friend.

You might have been the one to decide to end it, or maybe your former friend decided to end it. The friendship might have been toxic or codependent , or it may have been totally fine and wholesome.


How To Get Over A Breakup With Your Best Friend



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