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How to get a girl in jakarta

Girls here tend to have a deep admiration for beauty and cosmetics which probably explains why the beauty industry is thriving in Indonesia. These girls have distinctively lovely skin, are not extra tall, and their natural smile will sweep you off your feet. In fact, they are known as the thickest of the Asian girls. Men are looking for a woman that will take care of them, be a mother to their children, and get things running without complaining or being bothersome about it.


Jakarta After Dark

Indonesian girls are a topic near and dear to my heart. After traveling and seducing chicks throughout the country for months on end, I found myself dating an absolutely stunning and sweet girl. While the relationship only lasted a few months, it was a special time. We were able to explore her unique country together, and I got a taste of authentic Indonesian culture. The literal translation of the word means Albino. You want to know about Indonesian girls. They certainly were on mine!

You can also find darker Asian chicks, too. Typically, the higher class girls in Jakarta will be lighter, and the darker girls are often poorer and from smaller cities. The women in Indonesia are average height for Asian girls. However, there was one thing about girls in this country that I loved….

Unlike some other Asian countries, the women here often have curves. I found sexy, petite girls in Jakarta with bubble butts and jiggly breasts. It was heaven on earth!

Apart from the physical side of things, Indonesian women offer a lot in the personality department. Many girls in the country are incredibly feminine and submissive to their man. I wrote more about the girls in Indonesia and how they look and act here: 7 Interesting Observations About Indonesian Girls. Indonesia is a vast country of nearly million people.

There are some great cities to meet girls here. Once you get outside of the major cities, a few things come into play. First, the levels of English drop dramatically.

This makes dating sexy Indo chicks a lot more difficult. So how do you decide whether to go to Jakarta or Bali first? Well, I found both cities to be incredible for lifestyle and dating.

Jakarta has some of the best nightlife in the world and stunning women. Bali is fantastic for beach life, and the Balinese girls quickly grew on me. Many travelers have concerns about a certain aspect of Indonesian culture, especially when it comes to dating Indonesian women. In fact, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the whole world!

Yeah, you read that right. Now, this may deter some men from visiting this country. It almost scared me off at first. Then I started to do a little research. In fact, only a third or so of the women in the country even wear a Jilbab the Muslim-head-scarf-thing. Even the girls that do wear these are not necessarily adherent to their religion.

While there are Muslim girls in Jakarta, most of the girls online and out at nightclubs will be quite liberal and have a relatively good grasp on Western ideals and ideas — aka making sexy time! If you follow what I say and have any experiencing with women i. Jakarta and Bali can be different animals, especially when day game is the concern. You can mimic the game you run in Jakarta in pretty much any other Indonesian city and get solid results.

I wrote a full post about the best online dating sites in Indonesia. I also reviewed Indonesian Cupid , as many men have had success using the site. The two best online dating sites in Indonesia are:. We recommend every man visiting the country hoping to seduce Indonesian girls have active accounts on both. We suggest using a VPN at all times if possible. Day game in Indonesia is where things get a little different. And day gaming in other cities can be tedious due to English levels.

The absolute best places to meet Indonesian women during the day are malls, especially in Jakarta and other cities not named Bali. Many girls will be shy when you approach them during the day.

However, in Indonesia, this is not the case. Some guys get around this by just giving their number to a girl on a piece of paper. I always just cut the conversation short if she seems shy and ask for their number. Either way can work. Just be a normal guy who finds her attractive and wants to get her phone number. Be respectful of the culture, but still pursue any girl you desire.

The above day game tips in Indonesia work quite well in Jakarta and other cities in the country. In Bali, things can be a little different. Most Balinese girls are used to foreign guys. So I started doing some beach day game in Bali. My best tip here: look for any girl alone at the beach.

S: Most guys over certain ages find the best luck on Indonesian Cupid. Start browsing girls free by clicking here. Nightlife is certainly where Indonesia shines compared to other Asian countries. This is particularly the case in Jakarta. Now, I have covered nightlife in both Jakarta and Bali in the city guides I wrote. Below I wanted to give you a few tips regarding nightlife in these cities. Alright, so know you know how to meet women in Indonesia. What about dating Indonesian girls?

I got you there, too. My rule of thumb was if I met her during the day or she seemed reserved online, then I would take her for coffee instead of drinks. Then I could gauge whether she drank or not. One of the best things about liberal Indonesian women in Jakarta and Bali was how much they loved to have fun. Jakarta girls were especially wild once you got them in bed. They probably have at least a couple dozen expats numbers in their phones.

She may fall in love with you quite quickly, especially if you go on dates together and have a lot of sex. If you find yourself in this situation, try to treat her well.

It can be fun being a playboy in Asia, but remember that not all of these girls have been around the block. They have genuine emotions, too. The women in Jakarta, Bali, and a few other cities treated me quite well. And I tried to return the favor, especially when I had my Indonesian girlfriend. The combination of Jakarta and Bali is nearly impossible to beat, and the women in Indonesia are some of the sexiest in all of Southeast Asia.

Get to Indonesia now before the country becomes the next Thailand. First, you badly need an editor to run through your articles before you post them. Not many other Western guys wanted to visit these less popular places. Yours truly certainly did while I was in this giant Asian […]. But there are good times to be had. Mongolians are suspicious about anyone not in their social […].

By now you know how easy it is to get sex with Thai girls and Indonesian girls, but how about getting sex in […]. If you want to get high quality girls in Taiwan on a consistent basis, then […].

What are Indonesian Girls Like? And why did I have so much interest in women in Indonesia? However, there was one thing about girls in this country that I loved… Indonesia girls have curves! I wrote more about the girls in Indonesia and how they look and act here: 7 Interesting Observations About Indonesian Girls Best Cities to Meet Women in Indonesia Indonesia is a vast country of nearly million people.

Bali So how do you decide whether to go to Jakarta or Bali first? I guarantee it! Online Dating in Indonesia I wrote a full post about the best online dating sites in Indonesia. The two best online dating sites in Indonesia are: Tinder Indonesian Cupid We recommend every man visiting the country hoping to seduce Indonesian girls have active accounts on both. When messaging the girls on these sites, you should remember a few things: Keep it simple: Many girls in Indonesia only have a basic grasp of English.

Get her off the site or app quickly: You want to get her number and start talking in Line or WhatsApp as soon as possible.

Perfect pictures: Your photos will matter in Indonesia while using online dating. These photos exude masculinity — which can be lacking in the country.

Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

The majority of your club is rates low And its supposed to be the best 8? I cant imagine the rating on no 9 n onwards then, haha Zav.

Moammar Emka is a celebrity entertainment journalist and television host in Indonesia and is the author of six books. Jakarta Undercover II.

Foreigners are welcome. Those were the prices I remembered to note down. One shot per girl. But Classic is the only one with naked dancers.

How To Pick Up Jakarta Girls And Get Laid

Jakarta — the Indonesian capital — has lots to offer. Get ready to experience a completely different culture, lots of beautiful attractions and connections to pretty much every nice part of the country. It is the second most populous urban area after Tokyo and it boosts over 30 million people. I am taking a wild guess here, but I bet there are at least a few million single Jakarta girls hanging around. It is a Muslim country with plenty of conservative families, so a foreigner will not be as exotic as in other Asian countries like the Philippines or Thailand. On the same note, plenty of tourists go to Bali instead. It is the only part of Indonesia where Muslims do not dominate. Girls are more loose and open minded, so getting laid is easier. You can learn more about how to pick up girls from Bali or Indonesian girls in general in my other blog posts.

How to Seduce Indonesian Girls

This is a side street next to the bus terminal, and is home to five expat dives and a thunderously loud disco that no-one ever admits to having been in. Everest is the new kid on the Blok - a brand-new bar in Jalan Pelatehan, one door down from Sportsman at the top of the street. It's a two-floor place, but with a difference. The downstairs is the classical bar and eating area plus podium for a live band at the far end, the upstairs is a traditional pool and dining area.

Post a Comment. Top five places to get laid in Indonesia.

The city itself is enormous, with an unbearble level of traffic that has to be seen to be believed. It can take literally hours to travel from one part of the city to another. Having said all of that, it is the easiest place on this list to meet women, and of course some of them will be hot.

Blok M Nightlife

Jakarta is becoming one of the most popular cities in Southeast Asia among single men who are looking for some fun with the local ladies. First, a big drawback for a lot of people to come here has always been the terrible traffic situation and bad air pollution. Combine that with the fact that this is a city of more than 10 million people, it was nothing unusual to sit in the taxi for more than 1 hour to get for example from your hotel in modern South Jakarta to one of the naughty sex parlors in North Jakarta. Fortunately, with more and more construction of MRT lines getting finished including the airport train , navigating around Jakarta has never been more stress-free and quick.

Jakarta is city of stark juxtapositions at every turn. Whether you are into a classy night on the town, a drinking shift at an Irish pub with mates, or want to dance all night long, there is something for you. Class with a view There are many rooftop lounges worth visiting in Central and South Jakarta. Skye Bar and Club Lounge offers great skyline views. Note that dress codes apply.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Jakarta & Dating Guide

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Jakarta and a dating guide then you have come to the right place. By the time you finish you will have all the info you need to accomplish whatever goals you may have. This is a truly massive city, one of the biggest in the world, and if you are a tourist or expat it can be very overwhelming. You know there are a lot of single Jakarta girls out there, but you may not know the best places to try to pick them up. Both of those problems will easily be solved by the time you finish this guide. We will start off with the best places to meet girls in the great singles nightlife you can find around town. Then the conversation will move on to day game, although day game might not be as easy here as in some other cities. Online dating is the quickest and easiest way to meet girls in this day and age so we will of course be covering that topic.

Oct 30, - Well, don't get worked up over it, your boy Andy got your back! Having lived in Jakarta for close to 2 years, I can only remember the hassles I had.

The Indonesian capital city of Jakarta has many beautiful girls for you to check out when you happen to be in town. The sheer population of women in this city makes it a great opportunity for any single male foreigner to explore. In this guide I wanted to give you an brief introduction to Indonesian girls, and give you an idea about the best places to meet and pick up girls in Jakarta.

Indonesian girls are a topic near and dear to my heart. After traveling and seducing chicks throughout the country for months on end, I found myself dating an absolutely stunning and sweet girl. While the relationship only lasted a few months, it was a special time.

Indonesia is another destination for your Asian holiday, and there are lots of places to find sex in Jakarta. Its major city is Jakarta and the nightlife is as interesting in Thailand. But one word of caution, Jakarta is not as flamboyant as Bangkok or Pattaya.

Jakarta women are simply outstanding — physically and otherwise… And welcoming forward foreign men. With time, your list of women to meet grows — And can become a kind of job to deal with all of them….




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