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Find odd man out progesterone estrogen testosterone insulin

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A lot of people are getting more informed about sugar these days — and with good reason too! Despite all the bad press that sugar has received lately, as human beings, we do need small quantities of it to survive. This is because sugar can be broken down into glucose, which can be used by your cells as an energy source. Insulin, a hormone produced by your pancreas, attaches itself to glucose molecules and transfers them into your cells where they can be stored as glycogen and used later if need be. Provided you are getting the right amount of sugar, the system works, however, nowadays the problem is that our diets are saturated with far too much sugar. Well, it stands to reason that if more sugar is being pumped into your body, your blood glucose levels will spike and your poor pancreas will be forced to release more insulin.

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Can stress affect your hormones?

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Question 1: What do you mean by endocrine system? Answer: In human body there are two types of glands—exocrine and endocrine. The exocrine glands have ducts and discharge their secretions through them, e.

The endocrine glands are those which do not possess any duct and discharge their secretion hormones directly into the blood stream to send them to the various parts of the body. The endocrine glands and their secretion hormones constitute the endocrine system which along with nervous system coordinates the activity of various parts of the body.

Question 2: What is a hormone? Answer: A hormone is defined as a chemical substance produced by the endocrine glands situated in one part of the body and carried by the blood to some other parts of the body in order to exert its regulating and co-ordination effect on the cells of a specific organ or tissue. Question 3: What are endocrine glands? Answer: The endocrine glands are ductless glands which secrete hormones.

They are poured directly into the blood stream and carried to different parts of the body. Hormones act as chemical messengers and coordinate the activities of various body organs. Chemically, hormones are proteins, amino acids or steroids. Question 4: What is the chemical nature of hormone? Answer: Chemically hormones are not always protein, but they are of different chemical natures.

They may be protein as insulin, polypeptide like parathyroid hormone or epinephrine. Answer: The hormones are carried to all the parts of the body through blood circulation to bring about the harmonious working of the body. So, they are called chemical messengers.

Question 6: What are the general properties of hormones? Answer: General properties of hormones: i Hormones are secreted by the endocrine glands. Question 7: Which parts of the alimentary canal produce hormones?

Answer: The parts of the alimentary canal which produce hormones are the stomach and intestine. The stomach produces a hormone Gastrin. It stimulates the gastric glands to secrete gastric juices. Question 8: Name the different endocrine glands found in the body of man.

Answer: 1. Pituitary gland 2. Thyroid gland 3. Parathyroid gland 4. Adrenal gland 5. Gonads Testes, ovary 6. Thymus gland. Question 9: What are tropic hormones? Answer: The hormones secreted from anterior pituitary, that stimulate certain other endocrine glands, are called trophic hormones. Question Name the hormone produced by the following glands giving one function of each.

It controls basal metabolic rate BMR , growth and differentiation of the body. These hormones control blood glucose level. Insulin decreases while glucagon increases blood glucose level. It controls heart beat and blood pressure and helps in providing glucose to the body in order to overcome emergency situations. It is also called the emergency hormone. Question Write about some functions of adrenal glands.

Answer: Functions of adrenal glands: i Prepare the body for emergencies. Question Are the following glands exocrine or endocrine glands? Answer: i Salivary glands: Exocrine gland. Question Which hormones are secreted by anterior pituitary gland?

Growth hormone. Thyroid stimulating hormone. Follicle stimulating hormone. Luteinizing hormone. Adrenocorticotrophic hormone. Question How is iodine important to our body? Answer: Iodine is the active ingredient in the production of thyroxin hormone. If there is insufficient quantity of iodine in food, the thyroxin hormone is not produced. As a result, thyroid gland increases in size which is Visible as a swelling in the neck. This condition is known as goitre. Question Where is the thymus gland located and what is its function?

This secretes a hormone thymosin which stimulates the lymphocytes to destroy invading microorganisms and antigens. It degenerates on aging, decreasing the immunity in old age. Question People living in hilly regions usually suffer from simple goitre. Answer: Iodine is essential for the production of thyroxin by the thyroid gland.

The people living in hilly regions receive insufficient iodine in their diet, due to the fact that they drink iodine deficient water from rivers and streams fed by melting snow. Even their diet has little or no iodine. When there is a deficiency of iodine in the diet the thyroid gland enlarges in order to compensate for this deficiency resulting in goitre. Question What is osteoporosis and what is its cause? Answer: Osteoporosis is a disease caused due to excessive secretion of parathormone.

In this, the bones become weak, elastic and bent. Question Write in brief about the causes and symptoms of exophthalmic goiter. The thyroid increases in size and leads to an increased metabolic rate, a high rate of heart beat and wasting away of the tissues of the body. The apparent symptoms are: a Goitre Swelling in the neck. Question List some of the functions of pituitary gland.

Answer: Functions of pituitary gland: i Regulates growth. Question What are the two kinds of diabetes? Mention their symptoms and the causes.

Answer: Two kinds of diabetes are: i Diabetes insipidus ii Diabetes mellitus. Symptoms and causes of diabetes insipidus: i It is due to deficiency of antidiuretic hormone ADH. Symptoms and causes of diabetes mellitus: i It is due to insufficient secretion of insulin hormone. Question Complete the following : Answer:. Question Given below is a table consisting of a set of items belonging to a common category. Complete the table by filling in the category and the odd one in the blanks.

Question Complete the table given below by filling in the blanks numbered 1 to 8. Thyroid 2. Thyroxin 3. Insulin 4. Controls blood sugar level 5. Adrenal 6. Adrenaline 7. Pituitary 8. Stimulates thyroid gland. Question 2: Organs like the stomach and intestine are also endocrine glands. Answer: The mucous lining of the stomach and intestine produce certain hormones which regulate the secretion and flow of certain digestive juices. So these are endocrine glands.

Question 3: The thyroid gland is called as nature gland. Answer: The thyroid gland is also called as nature gland because it secretes thyroxin hormone which is mainly responsible for the normal behaviour of human beings. In adequate supply of hormones human behaviour remains normal. In case of excess supply of hormones in the blood there are increased metabolic activities, raised nervous excitability and increased physical activity accompanied by fatigue and loss of weight. Question 4: Goiter is usually observed in people living in hilly regions.

Answer: The soil and water in hilly regions is deficient in iodine. Hence goitre is usually observed in people living in hilly regions. Question 5: The thymus is larger and more prominent in children than is adults.

Answer: The thymus gland is supposed to stimulate growth and provide immunity in children.

These Signs Show You Clearly Have a Hormonal Imbalance

Natural hormonal changes can be difficult. These are the more common symptoms of a hormone imbalance. One memory-related issue is actually quite treatable — but you need to recognize it see page Weak nails could signal more than a nutrition problem.

Stress can have a number of emotional and physical effects on the body, such as raising your blood pressure, upsetting your digestion and depriving you of sleep. When it comes to stress , many of us are now aware of how it can physically impact our bodies; from worsening IBS symptoms to interrupting our sleep patterns. Common symptoms : poor metabolism, weight-gain, fatigue, low mood.

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(4) Find the odd one out :Progesterone, estrogen, Testesterone, insulin.

Struggling with hormonal weight gain around your middle? In women, estrogen is beneficial for weight loss. Insulin resistance is the condition of having chronically elevated levels of insulin. A test for blood glucose is not a test for insulin resistance. To assess insulin, you have to test insulin either as fasting insulin or a glucose tolerance test with insulin also called an insulin assay or Kraft test , named after Dr Kraft, a clinical pathologist. You then look at your insulin reading , not your glucose reading. In women, higher levels of testosterone increase the risk of insulin resistance and abdominal obesity.

Progesterone,estrogens,testosterone,insulin. find odd man out

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Watching a romantic movie can boost progesterone levels more than 10 percent, bringing couples closer together, according to new research at the University of Michigan. A movie like "The Godfather" can alter testosterone and dampen attentive feelings.

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How Insulin and Testosterone Cause Weight Gain with PCOS, Menopause, and Hormonal Birth Control

Question 1: What do you mean by endocrine system? Answer: In human body there are two types of glands—exocrine and endocrine. The exocrine glands have ducts and discharge their secretions through them, e. The endocrine glands are those which do not possess any duct and discharge their secretion hormones directly into the blood stream to send them to the various parts of the body.

No eBook available XulonPress. An excellent book. It discusses the interactions among hormones, which are very important. The best book I have read about the complex relationships between all our hormones and how to deal with the problems so many women like myself are trying to deal with, but so few doctors have any more than very superficial knowledge about. A MUST read! Thank You!

How does sugar affect your hormones?


Oct 30, - Insulin, a hormone produced by your pancreas, attaches itself to glucose which works out at around 30g of sugar a day for those aged 11 and over.1 so this can mean that your levels of progesterone may be lowered, glucose may induce a significant reduction in testosterone in men5, Find out now.


Movies Can Raise Or Lower Hormone Levels


ICSE Solutions for Class 10 Biology – The Endocrine System






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