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Can a woman get pregnant from a toilet seat

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I got a lot of questions about the topic. A lot of women are concerned about getting pregnant from a toilet seat. In an open-air environment, the sperm of a male dries within seconds. When the sperm dries, it means they are dead.

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Answering the “Can I Get Pregnant From…” Question Once and For All

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I got a lot of questions about the topic. A lot of women are concerned about getting pregnant from a toilet seat. In an open-air environment, the sperm of a male dries within seconds. When the sperm dries, it means they are dead. After that, you entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat directly. It is very unlikely that the sperm would be active till then. Each month, every mature woman ovulates producing an egg, probably in the middle of the month.

This egg keeps waiting to be fertilized by a sperm within 24 hours period. Unless there is a vagina-penis sex, it is very very unlikely that the egg will be fertilized. After the 24 hours period, if no sperm can fertilize the egg, the egg disintegrates and within next 2 weeks, the period will happen. Even if you have more doubt on that, talk to the specialist doctor about pregnancy. Each sperm has a small tail with which it can swim. If the active sperm can reach the vagina or near the vaginal canal, it will travel through the cervix and uterus to reach the egg.

As you notice, the sperm has to be at least near the vaginal canal. Now, what if you immediately sit on the toilet seat where someone just ejaculated touching your vagina?

Will you get pregnant? I would say, this is not impossible but very very unlikely that something like pregnancy will happen. Instead of direct intercourse, there is a small chance of getting you pregnant, but for that, you should not blame the toilet seat.

The toilet seat is the least likely place where the semen can survive for more than a few seconds. Semen needs the warm and wet environment to survive.

If your boyfriend ejaculated on the bathtub, the semen will live longer than the toilet seat. Remember, pre-ejaculation may also get you pregnant. For your mental peace only, you can follow the following tips. Just make sure your toilet is always clean and dry.

That will at least give you the mental satisfaction of not being pregnant from a toilet seat. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow my blog with Bloglovin. What Should You Do? Before sitting on the toilet seat, make sure it is dry. No matter whether it is a public toilet or the toilet in your bathroom, always make sure the seat is dry and clean.

If you notice the toilet seat is wet, use the toilet paper to dry it. Keep your toilet always dry and clean. Make sure the exhaust fan is working perfectly. Talk to your boyfriend in an open mind and tell him your concern. Maybe he will laugh, but still, tell him not to ejaculate on the toilet seat. Hard water stains and soap scum are something we have to deal with almost regularly.

Not j…. Load More Related Articles. Whether you want to renovate your existing bathroom, building a new one or merely replacin…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Recent Comments Tags. I've been using Lysol Power for years. I have hard water st But you should use the ZEP toilet bowl cleaner only when the si Clyde Mitchell: ZEP is good and you are welcome to use it. I am pretty sure it will make your br Follow Me. Popular posts.

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We Didn’t Go All The Way, But I’m Nervous I Could Be Pregnant

But one you might not be so familiar with is the fact that carrying a baby can turn your toilet seat blue. One Redditor wrote : "Has anyone here turned their toilet seat blue? Please tell me I'm not alone in this! I thought it was because of my maternity jeans, but maybe not?

May 10 Quarantine Choreo: How dance programs at Linfield are continuing to perform. There are some pretty common myths about how women can get pregnant, whether by accident or intentionally. For example, getting pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat.

You should consider taking a pregnancy test or visiting your family doctor. Below are local agencies that can help and offer confidential and free pregnancy testing. Adapted from: www. YES — Withdrawing is not a method of birth control!

Could I Be Pregnant?

Update: A previous version of this article contained quotes from an expert whose credentials are now in question. We have reached out to him for confirmation of those credentials and have not heard back. But how much do you really know about sperm? We debunked some common myths about sperm that you probably still believe. Most of the time, pre-ejaculate — the semen-like fluid that sometimes comes out of a penis before ejaculation — is just a lubricating substance produced by the prostate. However, there is a small chance that it might contain enough viable sperm to result in a pregnancy, according to Healthline. If you're concerned with avoiding pregnancy, using a barrier method like a condom is always a good idea. Sorry — semen isn't a good replacement for your daily multivitamin.

Getting Freaky: Is there any truth to the classic legend of getting pregnant from a toilet seat?

Our expert: Dr. Sherry Ross. Sheryl A. Ross, M. She also has a line of custom vitamins made specially for women, Dr.

As you can imagine, being a college student and speaking to curious ninth graders about what sex, gender identity and sexual orientation are can garner some interesting questions.

The advocates and nurses at The HOPE Center are a resource for people who have questions and need a trustworthy person to talk to about sexual health and well-being. Technically, yes. It is unlikely but still possible to become pregnant without penetrative intercourse. Something that many young people do not realize is that it is also possible to transmit STDs even without intercourse.

We Didn’t Go All The Way, But I’m Nervous I Could Be Pregnant

The places and ways that women have given birth are more wide than the Grand Canyon! These experiences are as varied as women themselves. When the baby is coming at an unexpected time and place, all other things - including your plan - is out the window.

Sign Up! Not so much, huh? Well, to save you the awkwardness at your next gynaec visit, we did the asking for you. From contraception to feminine hygiene, and sex positions to orgasms, here are all the most common myths about sex busted. The sperm can live in your body for up to 7 days, so if you are at the end of your period and you start ovulating the next week, there are still chances of you getting pregnant.

"Can a woman get pregnant from sitting on a toilet?"

I have to apologize up front but I do have anxiety issues with some OCD. Is it possible to get someone pregnant by masturbating in bathroom. I released myself into the toilet seat up and then cleaned up afterwards. I understand that this is odd question but I cannot stop replaying the " what ifs" in my head. I know that it is medically impossible but I need reassurance.

Apr 30, - myths about how women can get pregnant, whether by accident or intentionally. For example, getting pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat.

This is embarassing, and I struggle with OCD, but I'm afraid of the thought that one could get pregnant from sitting on a toilet. If one released semen into a toilet and made sure to flush the toilet and wipe the inside of the bowl with toilet paper, are there any chances that a woman could get pregnant from sitting on the toilet after this? It is practically impossible to get pregnant from a toilet seat, though I recommend visiting your primary care physician to discuss this concern. The sperm in the semen are designed by nature to survive in very special environment. These sperm are delicate to temperature and conditions.

8 myths you should stop believing about sperm

Going through puberty? Thinking about puberty? Worried about growing up?

Let’s Talk About Sperm!

The modern equivalent of the immaculate conception is the toilet seat pregnancy; never having sex, but finding yourself with child after sitting on a spermy loo seat. It was the stuff of legends when we were young, when sex education consisted of putting a condom on a banana and watching a video of a baby being born. After all, if you just need sperm to enter your vagina somehow, and your vagina might come into contact with objects like toilet seats, does it really seem that far-fetched? It might not be completely out of the realm of possibility to be pregnant without having sex not including artificial insemination, of course , despite not being likely.

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