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Bts i need u girl english lyrics

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Neo ddaeme na ireohke manggajyeo Geumanhallae ije neo an gajyeo Mothagesseo mwot gataseo Jebal pinggyeo gateun geon samgajwo Niga nahante ireom an dwae Niga han modeun mareun andae Jinsireul garigo nal jjijeo Nal jjikeo na michyeo da sirheo Jeonbu gajyeoga nan niga geunyang miwo. I need you girl Wae honja saranghago honjaseoman ibyeolhae I need you girl Wae dachil geol almyeonseo jakku niga pilyohae I need you girl Neon areumdawo I need you girl Neomu chagawo I need you girl I need you girl I need you girl I need you girl. It goes round and round Na wae jakku dulaoji I go down and down Ijjeum dwimyeon naega baboji Na museun jiseul haebwado Eojjeol suga eobsdago Bunmyeong nae simjang nae maeum nae gaseuminde Wae mareul an deudnyago Ddo hunjasmalhane ddo hunjasmalhanane Ddo hunjasmalhane ddo hunjasmalhanane Neon amu mal an hae A jebal naega jalhalge Haneureun ddo parahge 2x. Haneuri paraeseo haessari bichnaseo Nae nunmuri deo jal boina bwa Wae naneun neoinji wae hapil neoinji Wae neoreul ddeonal suga eobsneunji.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: BTS (방탄소년단) I NEED U (Vocal & Rap Line change roles) FUNNY!

Lyrics: BTS – I Need U (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

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Post a Comment. Sunday, 5 April Release date : April 29, It's scattering. It's falling. I fall into ruin because of you.

I wanna stop. I don't want you anymore. I can't do this. This sucks. Please, I don't wanna hear your excuse. You can't do this to me. Everything you said is a blindfold. It hides the truth and tears me. It spears me.

I'm crazy, hate everything. Take it all away. I just hate you. But you're my everything You're my. Everything You're my. Please get the heII out, uh. I'm sorry. I hate you. I love you. Forgive me. I need you girl. Why am I in love alone and why do I break up alone? Why do I keep needing you when I know you're going to hurt me? You're beautiful. You're too cold. Why do I keep coming back? At this moment, I'm a fool. Whatever I do, there's nothing that I can handle.

It's definitely my heart, my feeling, my mind but why is it going wrong. Talking to myself again. You don't say anything. Ah, please, I'll treat you better. The sky turns blue again, the sky turns blue again. The sky is blue and the sun shines,. Why do I have to be you, why is it you? Why can't I leave you? Girl, tell me break up, we would rather break up.

Girl, tell me the love, it was not love. I don't have the courage to do that. Give me the last present,. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Search for:. Subscribe Posts Atom. Comments Atom. Popular Posts. Release date : February 12, Recent Posts. Unordered List. Text Widget.

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The teaser for the Japanese version of the song was released in Japan on YouTube on November 21, It was directed by Yoojung Ko of Lumpens. Tamar Herman from Billboard praised how the song was a "milestone of sonic development" characterizing a "tonal shift for the act's musicality" towards "more of an ambient electronic-pop sound" from previously explored classically hip-hop -oriented singles. The Korean version of the song was not released as a separate single. The Japanese version of the track was released as an individual single and included two B-side songs that were also Japanese versions of songs from the original Korean EP.

Neo ttaeme na ireoke mangajyeo Geumanhallae ije neo an gajyeo Mothagesse mwot gataseo Jebal pinggye gateun geon samgajwo. Niga nahante ireom an dwae Niga han modeun mareun andae Jinsireul garigo nal jjijeo Nal jjige na micheyo da sirheo Jeonbu gajyeo nan niga geunyang miso. It goes round and round na wae jukku daraoji I go down and down ijjeum doemyeon naega baboji Na meseun jiseul naebwado eojjeol sugaeobtdago Bummyeong nae simjang nae maeum nae gaseuminde Wae mareulan deutnyago Tto honjatmalhane tto honjatmalhane Tto honjatmalhane tto honjatmalhane Neon amu mal an hae a jebal naega jalhalge Haneureun tto parahge haneureun tto parahge.

Lyrics : Fall everything x3 I'm falling down Fall everything x3 Losing my mind Why did you have to break my heart? Truth or lies, I can't tell them apart All that you do is make me crazy, you pierce me, you hurt me and I hate this Please take my pain away, 'cause one of us can't stay But you're my everything you're my Everything, you're my everything I'm sorry, I love you I hate you Forgive me I need you now Why do I still love you, when you're the reason for this pain? I need you now Why can't I just say goodbye, when all you do is make me cry? I need you now, you're so beautiful I need you now, why are you so cold?

BTS - I Need U Lyrics English

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If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Tashi Marie R.

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Post a Comment. Sunday, 5 April Release date : April 29, It's scattering.

I Need U (BTS song)

Why did it have to be you? Mengapa hanya Aku yang jatuh cinta, mengapa aku menyakiti diriku sendiri. Ini memang hatiku, perasaanku, tetapi mengapa mereka tidak mau mendengarkanku? Aku hanya berbicara pada diri sendiri lagi, [V] berbicara sendiri lagi.

Fall Everything Scattering Falling down You're destroying me like this I will stop I don't want you anymore I can't do it anymore it feels like shit

BTS I NEED U english translation


(Jungkook) I need you girl, why do I need you even though I know it hurts, I need you girl. I need you girl wae dachil geol almyeonseo jakku niga piryohae.


BTS - I Need You Lyrics with English Translation & Pronunciation







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