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Best duo halloween costume ideas

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Carrie Haider Gatzke's kids dressed up as the Scooby Doo gang for Halloween, complete with a blow-up dog. This family Halloween costume comes together with regular clothes that your children can wear again and again. These matching family Halloween costumes, designed by Karla Bennett Moore, are cute and caffeinated! Her family dressed up as venti, grande, and tall Starbucks Frappuccinos. Matching family Halloween costumes can be fun, too!

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71 Couples Halloween Costumes That‘ll Get You Two All the Compliments

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Carrie Haider Gatzke's kids dressed up as the Scooby Doo gang for Halloween, complete with a blow-up dog. This family Halloween costume comes together with regular clothes that your children can wear again and again.

These matching family Halloween costumes, designed by Karla Bennett Moore, are cute and caffeinated! Her family dressed up as venti, grande, and tall Starbucks Frappuccinos. Matching family Halloween costumes can be fun, too! Samantha Goodenough dressed her husband and kids in Superman gear, because everyone deserves to be a superhero on Halloween. With this clever DIY family Halloween costume, your undead brood will rock the graveyard!

Accessorize with formal-yet-funky touches, such as a choker, top hat, tutu, and vest. In another costume idea by Carrie Youngblood, these two chefs are preparing to heat up their little lobster.

Your child is the fruit and flower of your labors. Play up your role in her cultivation with this cute pair of Halloween costumes. The felt seed packet uses store-bought letters, and the flower's petals are stapled to a simple headband. Other family members can dress up as farmers in overalls and straw hats or more flowers. Family of five Halloween costumes may seem tricky, but this one requires a few simple "ingredients"—two slices of toast Mom and Dad , plus bacon, lettuce, and tomato three adorably edible kids!

Toast: For each piece: Cut a xinch piece of foam core to resemble toast. Make belt with face-to-face duct tape. Attach adhesive-backed Velcro to each end; use as closure. Tape belt to foam core at waist level. Attach to foam core with duct tape. Cut two 6-xinch wavy strips of off-white felt and four 2-xinch wavy strips of red felt. Arrange red strips on off-white felt. Place chenille stems in between layers; adhere using iron-on fusible bonding.

Bend bacon in several places to give curled look. Attach to sweatsuit with adhesive-backed Velcro. Poncho: Cut one inch and one inch square from dark green organza and cut a inch and a inch square from light green organza.

Trim wavy edges around each square. Stack and center the pieces, largest at bottom, and cut a wavy slit from one corner to center. Cut a 4-foot piece of thin ribbon and sew through all layers around neck hole, for tying. Shoe clips: Cut two 4-inch circles of dark green organza and two 3-inch circles of light green organza. Stack small circle on top of large, gather across diameter and tie with green ribbon. Hot-glue to shoe clips or clip-on earrings. Body: Use hand towels or batting to pad the outside of two large plastic colanders.

Cover in red stretchy fabric and hot-glue to inside edge. Poke two holes through the fabric on opposite sides and two additional holes at top, about 7 inches apart.

Cut four inch pieces of red ribbon and thread through holes of one colander to corresponding holes of the other; tie to secure over shoulders and at sides. Cut out and repeat. Place chenille stems, from neckline to tip, on each "leaf" of one layer and hot-glue other layer on top.

Cut to center between two points, as shown, and attach green ribbon to each side; tie to close. Aimee Rios' crew became everyone's favorite Stone Age family for Halloween. Mama Wilma is holding little Pebbles, who even has the right hairdo for the occasion.

Do your littles one still sing "Let It Go" all day long? Dress them up as the characters from Frozen, such as the Anna and Kristoff in this adorable photo. Mom Jenny Santoso played along as Olaf the snowman. Morgan Medinger submitted this photo of a brother-sister duo playing out the popular Little Red Riding Hood story.

To recreate this family of three's Halloween costumes, designed by Lisa Adams, simply raid your closet for basic pieces, and add details to mimic Popeye and Olive. Your little munchkin can play the role of Sweet Pea. No matter this size of your family, everyone can find a character in The Wizard of Oz to replicate. The dad in this photo even went as the Yellow Brick Road—how clever! This family-themed Halloween costume is simple but genius: Hannah Losiewicz's clan dressed up as movie theater concessions.

Take a cue from this clever family of four Halloween costume. Light sabers make the idea even more fun. Erica Paredes made sure everyone in her crew was in costume to be part of the Avengers. Their youngest daughter was Baby Hulk. Carrie Youngblood shared this shot of a ballpark favorite come to life.

Ketchup and mustard are doing a great job raising their mini hot dog! For the pirate, pair a loose white shirt and black vest with well-worn pants and boots, and then tie a long scarf around the head as a bandanna. Add finishing touches, like an eye patch and a fake scabbard. Poncho: Cut a inch square of red felt.

Starting at corner, hot-glue overlapping rows of "feathers" and trim to fit. Repeat for opposite corner. Tail: Cut a inch equilateral triangle from red felt and seven more strips of "feathers" from colored felt. Then, with one tip of triangle pointing toward you, hot-glue overlapping zigzag felt strips and trim to fit. Hot-glue red ribbon along top of triangle for belt. To infinity and beyond! Shawnna Kroeger is raising some serious Kansas City Chiefs fans.

We've got the whole gang here: a player, a coach, and some devoted cheerleaders. Colleen Nicole Johnson got the grandparents and a few aunts to join her themed costume idea. We think everyone looks great as a Muppet!

Whipping up your own personalized superhero outfits isn't so hard! In this example, no-sew capes team up with felt-and-duct-tape masks, belts, and badges personalized with the initial of the family's last name. A parental pit crew supports a speedy young upstart who's on track to blow away the competition. The crew is outfitted in disposable coveralls from the hardware store, detailed with duct tape.

The trophy and wrench get their shiny silver coat from aluminum foil. You can customize the car to fit over a variety of chassis wheelchair, stroller or even be worn by a driver who's on foot. Help a trio of pretty pixies take flight! All you need for this set of sister costumes are floral headbands glue fake flowers to a headband , flower wands glue flowers and ribbons to the tip of a painted stick , gossamer wings, puffy tutus, and leggings. For this clever family Halloween costume, your stroller becomes an all-American snack cart, complete with the cutest hot dog on the block.

Mom and Dad can coordinate with white button-down shirts, jeans, aprons, and paper servers' hats. Need a family Halloween costume for brothers or cousins? Dress everyone in comfortable concert performance outfits like graphic tees, striped shirts, hoodies, dark jeans, and sneakers.

Then add some instruments a toy guitar, a set of drum sticks , plus some hats and hip shades. And make sure to gel some hair for a rocking crew of band mates! A farmer and his wife love showing off their favorite barnyard animals in this adorable costume idea. Adults can throw on some overalls or jeans, checkered shirts, boots, and straw hats. Ears: Cut two outer-ear shapes from dark pink felt. Cut two slightly smaller inner-ear shapes from light pink sticky-back felt and attach.

Cinch ears at base and hot-glue to hat. Tail: Cut two 6-inch circles from light pink sticky-back felt. Arrange chenille stems in a spiral on sticky side of one circle. Stick other circle on top and cut in between chenille stems into spiral shape. Pull spiral from center to create tail and hot-glue to back of pants.

Body: Cut spot shapes from black sticky-back felt and attach randomly to white sweatsuit. Ears: Cut two outer-ear shapes from black felt. Cut two inner-ear shapes from light pink sticky-back felt and attach. Cinch ears at base and hot-glue to hood. Horns: From beige felt, cut two horn shapes of the same size. Place one on top of the other and glue the edges of two sides. Stuff with batting or cotton balls. Glue the remaining side closed and hot-glue to hood.

75+ Amazing Couples Costumes You Need This Halloween

Every October, we wait to see which celeb duos will put the most effort into delivering an epic Halloween couple costume. Thankfully, we're never disappointed. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

So, the big event is close and you still have to decide on a coordinated look for your couple's costume party. It's the quintessential couples Halloween costumes problem every year, but fortunately for you we're here to help! Our costume experts have seen it all, and we've paid close attention to the world's favorite couples' looks over the years.

Dressing up for Halloween can be a little tedious when you have no idea what to dress up as. If your partner is also struggling to find a Halloween costume , why not try a couples costume? If you decide to give a couples costume a shot, know that you'll have plenty of options to choose — and none of them are boring. The possibilities are endless.

Party Deko und Kostüme für jede Veranstaltung!

You know it's true, and the Instagram likes just about prove it! When Halloween hits, however, you both struggle to think of a clever couples Halloween costume that is just as awesome as you are. Or even if you come up with a few fun ideas, by year three or four of dressing up together, you're probably in desperate need of some inspiration. Rather than settling for another boring look Mickey and Minnie, for example , switch things up with one of these creative — dare we say, genius — couples' Halloween costume ideas. Before you make any final decisions, grab the other half of your dynamic duo and figure out your Halloween vibe: punny , trendy, classic, cute, the list goes on. There's something in this mix for everyone! No matter if you choose to make your costume from scratch or go the store-bought route, these Insta-worthy ideas will be a hit at Halloween parties. There are even a few ideas in here for taking just a couple of store-bought items and creating a costume all your own, no crafting required. And just like that, you and your S.

38 Genius BFF Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Best Friend

Deciding what to dress up as for Halloween is so fun, but it can also be hard to narrow down all the options out there! Luckily for both of you, this list of 71 adorably cheesy couples Halloween costumes is a great inspiration starter! Love fun pop culture—inspired outfits? Or funny pun costumes?

Do you have a best bud? If your looking to pair costumes, whether they be strange, quirky, funny and sometimes even dorky—this guide is dedicated to famous best bud costumes!

Don't let Halloween creep up on you this year—be ahead of the game and start planning the ultimate Halloween party , replete with DIY decorations , chilling cocktails , a vibe-setting playlist , or ghostly movie playing in the background , and of course, a killer group costume for you and your witches , or your boo see what we did there? Of course, you can also skip all the work and buy a punny sweater , too. Either way, get inspired by these funny couples costume ideas many can be made from what you already own that'll make you and your mate the crowd favorites.

Couples Halloween Costumes

This post is all about the best Halloween costumes for couples. You can easily put them together with just a few items and they will leave you and your date with something to talk about for years! If you want to get your Halloween costume for a lot less this year, I highly recommend taking a look at these ideas. You can get everything on Amazon and they always have the most affordable options.

You couldn't survive without your bff, so when it comes time for the party of the year, you need to have your best friend in toe. Know that that means? YUP, matching best friend Halloween costumes. Get creative with a unique two-person costume that truly represents your friendship. Are you and your bff whole snacks?

71 Best Couples Costumes for Halloween

Get your partner and your glue gun, because we've got some serious crafting to do! These DIY couples costumes for Halloween are some of the most creative we've ever seen—and they're so easy to throw together, you can have them done and make it to that pumpkin carving competition in time. Besides, face it: Dressing up for Halloween is just better when you do it with someone else—especially if that person happens to be your significant other. It's a fun chance to make memories with your partner not to mention laugh a lot , and just imagine the resulting photos. It's pure Instagram gold. Plus, there's a whole category of costumes that opens up when you decide to go the couple's costume route, from famous celebrity duos to simple, everyday pairings pencil and notebook, anyone? Still, no matter how specific your idea is, there's no need to splurge on an expensive store-bought ensemble.

Morgan Medinger submitted this photo of a brother-sister duo playing out the popular Little Red Riding Hood story.


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