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How to find a nurturing woman

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Having the ability to be laid back and playful allows a man to relax and enjoy your company. You often hear guys say they want a girl who is sexy and cute. A woman radiates confidence when she displays her worth. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Confidence is simply owning who you are, having self-respect, and employing the qualities that make you you.

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Is it the Sarah Silverman type, who makes him laugh and can enjoy crude humour, knows how to be immature and sees life as the joke it really is? Is it the Snow White type, who is demure and kind, supremely nurturing and seems to be as pure and clean as…well, snow? Is it the Jessica Rabbit type, the uber-seductive bombshell who makes his jaw drop whenever she wiggles her hips in his eyesight, and knows exactly how to command his sexual attraction? All of the traits above represent a different quality that guys find attractive in their dream woman:.

Independence 2. Playfulness and Fun 3. Sweetness and Nurturing 4. Sexual Fantasy. Unfortunately, all of these traits are Janus-faced. They have a good side and an ugly side of the same coin. When any of these traits are taken too far, they can ruin an otherwise amazing personality.

The Independent Woman commands admiration and respect… but too much can feel cold and fail to make a man feel needed. The Playful Woman is so cool and fun… but can be annoying and childish, and more like your bratty sister. The Sexual Bombshell…well…has no faults whatsoever and ought to be worshipped like the goddess she is. The Sexual Bombshell is an interesting one though. The sexual bombshell often tends to get a little more leeway than the others, first of all because she is able to immediately satisfy the most basic of male needs, and to be frank, any woman who does this is already well-ahead of the curve.

But the Sexual Bombshell has a different kind of problem, which only becomes apparent once a guy snaps out of the hypnotising effects of her feminine powers yes, even sexual allure has its limits, and most men with a brain will get bored and need something more. The women who is just sexy usually has no problem getting guys interested in her, but the problem kicks in when he gets further down the line.

When people are one-dimensional, they can impress for a few weeks or months, but totally fail to keep lasting attraction in the long-term. I mean, can you really be independent, playful, funny, kind, sweet, sexual, nurturing, cool, and full of integrity all at the same time? He must see the potential for all four of these things in different situations, just in the same way that you want to see evidence that a guy can be confident and assertive, but also kind, romantic and intelligent.

Do you really have to be the woman who is always full of DEEP, DEEP conversation and can ruminate about philosophy and the universe with him and unpack his entire personality and analyze every aspect of his mind? Too much of this and it becomes intense and boring. Rather, see these traits as something a guy has to bear witness to over time over different dates a good reason to make your dates varied to show different sides of yourself.

Every interaction is another brushstroke on the complete portrait he sees of you. It is a picture that is always sharpening into focus when he sees your qualities displayed in different moments. But you do need to be each of those things some of the time. Nearly anyone you think of can be placed into a single basic character-type if you narrow down their dominant traits. Everyone conforms to one stereotype more than another. We all gravitate towards some traits more than others.

And some people are more turned on by one trait more than another. What matters is that we are a constant surprise to people. Just when a guy thinks they have you pinned down, he sees a side they never thought you would embody. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. I also want an independent man but who shows he is open to connect.

I also want someone playful but that will not pester me like forgetting I am his girlfriend. I also want to feel desired and to have someone I find desirable. But if I want that, then I deliver the same. I do not demand what I cannot give and I do not feed illusions about things I am not willing to build. I also will not engage or persist in a relationship if not willing to deliver those anymore.

How do we, women, demand the same traits in reciprocity? I enjoy your posts, always thought provoking. I already have a multi-faceted personality but…. I find that sometimes a guy falls for me after only knowing me a very short time, like a couple of weeks.

And this is when I think, here we go again, damn it. Can you please help me? I again have all those traits but I still attract the wrong sort of guys.

I am attractive which gets them and then they see I am deep as well as funny etc but I guess deep down they just think I am too good for them.

How ironic is that. I am witty, with a cerebral sense of humor who is successful one year away from becoming an M. And that is a good thing. A woman should be in love with herself and a man wants to be able to be a part of her self love.

You may think you are nicer to men than they these bitchy friends are but what you are probably doing is accommodating him which is masculine. You may also be mothering him, giving advice, helping him with his things etc. I think, what do you think conversation skills instead of being feminine and saying I feel what to you think. Its an innocent mistake many women make. It you want a man to cherish you as a woman never tell him what you think, tell him how you feel about things.

A man needs respect to love you. If you are always competing with him he goes on the defensive and what man wants to marry someone who is telling him what to do and disrespectful of his leadership. Say what you feel and ask what he thinks about it. Never ask a man what he feels unless he is ill or injured. Always ask what he thinks and this will show him you respect him.

Bitchy women are usually complaining about how they feel about something. Watch this awesome video link I found on youtube no its not me and it will expand more on this. This woman is brilliant.

Memorize her wisdom and apply it to see results! Best of luck in love. Self-respect is not always easy to understand based on how we were raised, etc. A friend has made comments about how he disliked some shows now days that tend to make men appear to be second class to women, and look like fools. It is important first to learn to respect yourself, and then to find someone that you truly DO respect.

I think it takes some time to find that someone — not always easy. I like the part about taking time to learn about each other and revealing who we are gradually, and having a chance to do that. I dated someone and I had a hard time being myself as I felt intimidated by his personality even though I liked him. I think it had something to do with good old fashioned morals and respect and not many choices!

One more thing. You said you had a cerebral sense of humor. They are at work all day being cerebral when on their free time they want to forget it all and just have fun with a woman. Try being more playful and light. I know my girlfriends who get too intellectual with men never seem to get more than 2 or 3 dates before the guy forgets about them.

In order for a man to fall in love with a woman he needs to get out of his intellectual thinking brain and into his emotional brain. If you continually stimulate his intellectual brain with cerebral conversations, he never accesses his emotional brain to fall for you… save your brilliance for later after he is hooked on you.

Play a little stupid until you have accessed his emotional brain. You know you are probably smarter than him as I am with most men I meet but does it really matter?

You want love not a new job. There is no reason to impress him intellectually. Just be fun. I tell you when I get stuck with not being able to pull a guy in, I dumb it down a bit and he is all over me. Try it as an experiment.

Nurturing according to Dr. Pat Allen is a masculine trait. Women are to nurture children and babies not their men. Men are to nurture woman not women nurturing men. So if the trait of nurturing is about her being a good mom in the future then I agree with that.

But men who want women to nurture them are not masculine men, they are little boys who want a mamma. But these days a high percentage of men are more like little boys.

Our culture has changed were kids are over nurtured after a certain age. They are shocked when the get into the real working world that not everybody is telling them how great they are all the time like mamma use to do and their confidence is shot. This over nurturing has kept boys from becoming men who have never gotten their Fisher King wound that should be their right of passage from boyhood into manhood.

4 Qualities Of An Irresistible Woman

I like this. A lot. So much so that I'm going to share this on my facebook page so all my friends can see it. So often women and I'm sure men do this too are all about what the man can do for her.

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I think that most of us grow up thinking that the hardest part of a relationship is finding the right person to spend our lives or part of it with. Very few people speak to children, teenagers or young adults about what happens next, once they find the person they think is the right one. No one tells them how to build and nurture a long-term relationship that lasts. As it is, the world has changed. Everything is so much more fast-paced and instant gratification is now the norm.

Creating New Life, Nurturing Families: A Woman’s Perspective

Jump to navigation. Femininity is a special gift—it makes us softer, gentler, kinder, nurturing, compassionate, and loving. As women we are constantly balancing many roles, making it difficult to be feminine. If you have been denying your femininity, here are some ways to rebalance and embrace your softer side. We all share energy that is both female and male. Think of it as yin and yang, complementary and both necessary. Deepak Chopra refers to God and Goddess energy in speaking about the collective soul. Whichever way you look at it, we have both.

Wounded Man, Nurturing Woman

Guys often want a woman who will nurture them. How does a man come to desire this — and is it really the healthiest relationship setup? There is this dream many men have. In it, a man opens up and tell all his pains, fears, and weaknesses to a woman. In turn, the woman takes it all in, consoles the man, nurtures him, and loves him even more for his sensitivity and innocence.

Every once in a while — on very rare occasions — we meet the woman of our dreams. The dynamics between man and woman have been gradually changing for the past few decades, but the essence of the partnership basically remains the same.

Join us each month for a review of a book pertaining to marriage, dating, family life, children, parenting, and all other things For Your Marriage. Soon it will be 42 years since my own daring venture began. Did I predict on my wedding day that four decades hence my husband and I would spend Holy Week with a 6-year-old granddaughter?

How To Find And Date High Value Women

Does it seem like a sexist remark to suggest that men need some special attention? It likely does seem sexist to most of us, especially those of us who've been working for women's rights for many years. Boys and men are taught to swallow their feelings and toughen up.

One in six women in America today will never have a child. Some women deliberately choose not to have children. Others postpone motherhood, often in favor of a career, and then find themselves unable or unwilling to become mothers. Still others yearn for children and are unable to conceive or adopt. Because our society perceives the bearing and nurturing of children as central roles for women, having no children can significantly impact a woman's view of herself and her place in the world. The social bias in favor of motherhood is so strong that childless women often feel isolated and fear to discuss their lives with friends who do have children.

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traits above represent a different quality that guys find attractive in their dream woman: 1. Independence 2. Playfulness and Fun 3. Sweetness and Nurturing 4.

May 7th, by OMGchronicles. T here is a serious issue hidden in the silliness of the alleged mommy wars, and it is the contradictory, conflicting beliefs we have about the value of taking time to care for other people. Who should take care of young people and their grandparents, and how should they be rewarded? Anyone, male or female, who has stayed home to care for their kids or parents knows how true that is.

How to Nurture Your Feminine Side

An estimated 7 out of 10 women will hide or downplay any symptoms of anxiety or depression out of shame or fear of judgement from others. Without understanding, support and treatment, these feelings can worsen and have lasting effects. Many people want to begin therapy, but feel unsure of how to find the right therapist for them. I will provide you with a safe space to share how you are feeling, and help you to regain a sense of wellness again.

After enough disappointing dates you might find yourself craving a partner who is more challenging, more evolved, and more your type of people. Some of your friends tell you that you are being too picky, but you just have different standards than they do. By following these simple tips, you should be able to get around, meet, and attract high value women with ease. Basically a high value woman just like any high value person is someone who is intentional about getting the most from life.

Is it the Sarah Silverman type, who makes him laugh and can enjoy crude humour, knows how to be immature and sees life as the joke it really is?




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