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How to look smart and confident girl

I always enjoy seeing a confident woman. Not only because the power in me acknowledges the power within her but also because it is likely that she had to work hard for her confidence. To give the best cookie on the plate to others so she is left with the crumbs. This is especially true when we are abused. We are told we are nothing, we question our own intuition, our decision-making, but most of all, we question ourselves and shrink to the point that our self-worth, standards, and goals in life depend on the opinions of others.


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The Self-Confidence Formula for Women

Many psychologists will point to experiencing failure as a valuable step in the journey to success. It tests your perseverance and ultimately can make you stronger. Each time it happens, we have new options. Mastery, of course, comes after getting really good at something. The more time you put in, the more adept you feel, and ultimately, the more confident you become. So taking action is the first step to becoming confident. You show up in a very secure way. Cockiness is not authentic.

Just consider this: Making everyday decisions, such as what to eat for lunch or what to text your mom, requires a low level of confidence. Boost your confidence by reminding yourself of all the successful small decisions you make on a daily basis. A whole new branch of psychology is dedicated to mindfulness, but it boils down to this: Negative thoughts and insecurities pop up like pimples. And, like pimples, picking at them—even if you mean to discredit and burst that negative bubble—ultimately makes it worse.

So, mindfulness practice teaches you to treat thoughts as tools. In fact, people who act sure of themselves in all situations are probably either faking it or overestimating their abilities. True confidence, according to Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph. So how does that translate to happiness? To become receptive to new ideas, you must first get positive. From this place, you can begin repeating your desired characteristics in your mind, or aloud like a mantra.

And then one day the lie is true. You have to live in that faith. You have to believe it and know it. There has to be a certainty behind the beautiful lies you keep repeating to yourself every day, the ones about what you want your life to be. If your confidence is down, you might beat yourself up for not being stronger, for the role you played in the toxic situation, or for choosing a relationship with someone who hurt you.

Aim to understand the roots of your actions and forgive yourself. The best way you can pinpoint positive role models is to think about the people you know who embody positive behaviors.

These are people who are credible, accountable and service-oriented, who have solid character and seem trustworthy. Once you identify the people in your own life who exhibit spark behavior, you have to develop and nurture these relationships. Engage the people you admire and respect on a consistent basis, whether through conversations over coffee or ongoing email exchanges. One colleague of ours makes it a point to schedule two lunches each month with different people she admires.

Finally, we have to be open to input. We need to get uncomfortable in order to develop. But it can be made easier by a focused effort to develop our confidence. Before they were considered legends, our highly regarded history makers experienced failure. Study failure in addition to success and realize that the victory of even our most iconic influencers was built upon their conviction to continue after falling short of perfection.

Research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco shows that the more difficulty you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout and even depression. Instead we extract the gist of the experience and store it in ways that makes the most sense to us. Your brain has a built-in confirmation bias. That means it stores information that is consistent with your own beliefs, values and self-image.

This selective memory system helps keep the brain from getting overloaded with too much information. So recognize that your memory does not always provide you with accurate information. For example if you have low self-esteem, your brain tends to store information that confirms your lack of confidence. That will be all you remember about a specific event. How to make it work for you: Revisit the facts of a memory loaded with self-limiting beliefs and try to gain a more accurate perspective on the event.

Talk with others that might have a different perspective. Body language has long been noted for its relative importance to what is actually said—and the body language of confidence has its own gestural dialect. On the flipside, keep your hands together while listening to avoid unconscious fidgeting. Maintaining eye contact while talking and listening makes you appear both trustworthy and decisive. We all have those days. Your boss gave you less-than-positive feedback on the proposal you spent months writing, you lost a bid on a huge account, and your lucky meeting shirt has a huge stain.

Those days leave you feeling unproductive, unmotivated and unsure of your next move. Sometimes all you need is a jam to pick you up out of your rut. Jenn Scalia faced challenges when she first started her business as a visibility and confidence coach. After dealing with a layoff, divorce and debt, the single mother knew she had to make some changes in her life if she wanted to see improvement.

Every night, I would reflect on all of the amazing things that I experienced in my life. From running water to a compliment from a friend to getting a new client. Gratitude allows you to focus on the positive things in life—a lot of things we take for granted—and put you in a positive, high vibe. And, doggone it, people like me! Of course, you are going to get it right.

Of course, you are good at this. Each of us has a unique mark to make on the world, and when we are caught up comparing ourselves to others, it only leaves us feeling less than or not enough in some way and diminishes our capacity to make the impact we alone can make. Perception is key in such situations, so I ask myself, What is it about the situation that might seem intimidating? We have the power to create the experience and choose to overcome fear by shifting our perception of situations.

We can view situations that might seem intimidating as ones that will lead to further growth and ultimately success. Cecilia Meis is a full-time writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas. Outside of work, she plays beach volleyball, attempts home cooking and is ardently working toward making her cat, Nola, Insta-famous. Also Sport is one of the best medium to get that. Keep sharing! I love what I just read now the mind is really a battle field and we need to prepare ahead for the battle in other to win the fight in the battle ground.

Every thing in our lives is built twice first in our mind then in our lives. Thank you for keep me on the positive side I deeply appreciate. Put the time in. Know the difference. Leverage your inherent confidence. Learn your confidence areas. Enter a state of strong positive emotion.

Forgive yourself. Recognize confident role models. Celebrate the failures of others no, really. Babe Ruth : Ruth chewed tobacco and drank whiskey by the time he was 8 years old.

The first time Ruth led the American League in home runs in , he also led the league in strikeouts. The Wright brothers : The brothers crashed their first two airplane creations before making more than successful flights with their third glider.

Never confuse memory with facts. Walk the walk. Have a jam session. Practice gratitude. Use humor. Stop comparing. Identify your fears. Cecilia Meis. Posted in Personal Development. Uche festus on September 24, at am. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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The Confident Girl Wants You To Know These 7 Things

Disclaimer : Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. When I was in first grade, I won a countywide writing award for my creative masterpiece, The Magic Rock , about—you guessed it—a magic rock. My success fueled my dreams of being a writer from an early age, and after that, I wrote all the time.

I always enjoy seeing a confident woman. Not only because the power in me acknowledges the power within her but also because it is likely that she had to work hard for her confidence.

No one has it all of the time. We women have particular difficulty developing self-confidence. We instinctively focus on everyone but ourselves. Girls often are encouraged to be passive, and not too daring or confident.

17 Bold Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Despite common thinking, feeling more attractive and desirable may have little to do with your outward appearance. We're not just talking about exercise's effect on your body physically — exercise is a great way to take some time to get out your aggression, have some time for yourself, and release endorphins, a chemical that can improve your mood. A study by the University of Turku found that people who exercised reported an increase in confidence. Getting some love from others might seem like the easiest way to boost your self image, but actually you might want to practice giving some love first. It's no secret that smiling makes you seem warm and inviting to other people, which can help how they see you. But it turns out you may even get the same benefits by looking in a mirror and smiling at yourself. It's always nice when someone close to you notices or points out a good quality, but you don't have to wait around for that extra boost. It may seem silly, but repeating positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror or saying things that you like about yourself will help you validate those traits and value them in yourself.

11 scientific ways to make yourself look and feel more attractive

You might not feel confident about your intellectual capacity, but if you put a small value to yourself, the world will surely not raise your price. The best way to build your self-confidence is by broadening your life experiences. Thus, if you want to become smarter and more confident in yourself, increase your knowledge, skills, experiences and understanding. Confidence and intelligence is something you have to work for it and thinking about the hardest thing to do with it, is probably the reason why only few engage in it.

Projecting excellence as well as elegance in the workplace isn't always easy. But there are plenty of ways you can communicate confidence and make a lasting impression.

Many psychologists will point to experiencing failure as a valuable step in the journey to success. It tests your perseverance and ultimately can make you stronger. Each time it happens, we have new options.

6 ways to look and feel smart at work

Our confidence has a big impact on how we enjoy life. People who are confident and happy with themselves unconsciously and positively affect the people around them. If you want to be more confident, there are several habits you can use.


There's a lot to be said for being confident. When we're in our 20s, we're often still feeling pretty lost and looking to find our place in this big world. We may be unsure of what we're really passionate about, or what we want in a relationship — and some of us so easily get caught up in the stress of adulting that we forget that life is ours to live. But, on the bright side, the confident girl is the one in your crew who's constantly reminding you it's all going to be OK. She might come across as cocky at first, but there are a few things you should really know about her before you make any assumptions. This is the girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

10 Ways to be Smarter and More Confident

Updated: February 7, Reader-Approved References. Being a teenager and a confident girl at the same time is a great combination. It may not be as easy for some but you certainly can be both. Make positive changes and choices in your life. These simple steps will give your self-esteem a boost.

Jun 13, - Just consider this: Making everyday decisions, such as what to eat for lunch Boost your confidence by reminding yourself of all the successful Lady Gaga describes it like this: “And it's not yet; it's a lie. I'm smart enough.


How To Be A Confident Woman, According To 2 Psychologists And An All-Around Girl Boss







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